“So, What Are YOU Going To Write About?”


My partner wasn’t the only one confused by yesterday’s post.

Another friend WhatsApp’d me, “So tomorrow’s blog will be with stories your friends share with you or just the story the friend who offered sends?”


I’d love love love your story. Especially YOU.

If you’re reading this, I’d love our story. Written by YOU.

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Happy Birthday To ME!

That was a trick.

It’s not really my birthday today.


A friend of mine messaged me the other day:

So if one were to celebrate a certain upcoming should-be-a-state-holiday via words, items of vague monetary value, etc, how would one do such a thing?

But it was totally a trick question cause he already had something in mind – WRITING SOMETHING HERE.

It’s a WIN WIN cause I get beautiful roastings of lovely delights AND I get a break from daily postingsess.

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Let The Experiment Continue

While, YES, I did get up this morning at six after going to bed, UTTERLY EXHAUSTED, at eight – I wouldn’t call it BOUNCING out of bed.

More like OOZING and THEN reluctantly perched at the starting line.

And then, YES, totally went RUNNING.

And baked some bread. And got the babies up. And the toddler. And managed a shower.


As an aside, a friend recently critiqued my EXTREME use of the ALL CAPS WRITING STYLE and now I’m SUPER SELF CONSCIOUS and CAN’T STOP.

It’s like when someone tells you not to think about a pink elephant.

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It’s Time For a Little More R+R

As I mentioned yesterday, I did a workshop with Robert van der Meer at Noorderpoort and at the beginning of the workshop, we had everyone make paper desk name plates.

Since I had already made one for Rain + Robert and I was in the midst of quickly showing how it was done, I folded up a second one and just wrote on it “R + R”.

Robert immediately said, “Time for a little R+R”.

I almost died.


Two things were immediately clear – we both like puns and it was going to be an awesome class.

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Stressed About Public Speaking and Leadership? It’s Time For Some R+R

Shoutout to E who is SUPER DUPER pregnant and due ANY SECOND and it’s her own birthday today and also HER mom’s birthday and wouldn’t it be keen if three generations of women were all born today? Happy birthday, E.

And also shoutout to H who totally WhatsApp’d me, “Here’s your daily reminder. Go do your blog before you’re in bed.:-)”


Today was a whole new ballgame for today’s workshop and most of that was due to two very important factors.

1. I experienced yesterday, learned from it, and consequently adjusted my approach.
2. Robert van der Meer joined me.

I guess that first point is more like three factors, but the rest of this could very easily turn into a love letter to those kids because DAYUM it was a GOOD DAY.

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I Was Already In Bed, People

I was just about to fall asleep when I realized that I hadn’t posted today.



This morning I gave this workshop over in Groningen at a business school.

The class was full of sixteen to twenty-three year olds.

Often I think of myself as just a big kid with all the enthusiasm and play that I do, but then I run into actual kids and I think, “Woah. I’m all kinds of adult.”

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And Since It’s My Birthday Month, I Totally Bought A JewelBot

I was writing up my report for Red Hat Summit, looking through twitter at #RHSummit and #RedHatSummit and #RedHatSummit2018 feeds and came across the eleven year old super wonder who totally presented during a keynote ON HER BIRTHDAY.

Her name is Ellie G and she totally has a YouTube channel where she gives mini workshops on how to code a JewelBot.

At first I was all, “Awww, how cute.”

And then I saw that the bracelets are interactive with other bracelets and you can send messages and shit – wait, WHAT?!?

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