Dutch Lock Down Day Twenty Four

I managed to take a super long walk and hit 10k steps for the day despite having a huge depression nap yesterday.

The incredible warm sunny spring weather continues to hold for the third day in a row.

The bread maker woke up and did it’s damn job.

I filed my nails.

Things are looking up.

But first the news:

My partner is conducting international Corona Virus social psychology research and it’s starting to hit the news:

And while I wouldn’t say I’m #AllBetter but #DoingBetter – today is a #PrettyGoodDay

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Dutch Lock Down Day Twenty Three

Photo by Creedi Zhong 
on Unsplash

I’m in this place where I want to simultaneously do a million things.

And nothing.

All at once.

But first the news:

One thing is obvious, though – time is no longer a valid excuse.

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Dutch Lock Down Day Twenty Two

Photo by Steve Clark

Right after I published yesterday’s post, a friend (hi, S!) called to check in cause she was worried.

I’m okay.

I was just SUPER tired.

Also, some weird things happened that haven’t happened in a while.

But first the news:

Around five, my blood sugar DROPPED.

I was outside at the time, playing with the kids, and it dropped so hard and so fast that I had to sit down or fall over.

I sat.

I ate a snickers. Drank a full sugar soda. A cup of black tea with milk.

I sat some more.

After a few minutes of rest, I helped P take the twins upstairs for bed.

And almost fell over again.

I would’ve gone straight to bed, but I wanted to publish something. Hence the super short post from yesterday.

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Dutch Lock Down Day Twenty One

I mostly did everything the same today as I did yesterday and while I ended yesterday full of energy and contentedness, today I’m ending with dizziness, anxiety, fatigue and, yuppers, exhaustion.

But first the news:

The good news is that we’re leveling off.

The bad news is that people are still dying.

The shitty news is that it’s been three weeks.

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Dutch Lock Down Day Twenty

Photo by Fiona Smallwood 
on Unsplash

Day twenty?

Day. TWENTY?!?



Either I’m adjusting to the new normalcy OR I have lost my mind.

Those are the only two options.

Also, it’s very difficult to write when you’re also watching Community having never watched Community. Since Community arrived on Netflix in the Netherlands.

If only Schitt’s Creek would get over here.


It’s a Saturday night.


While I had a really great day today, it’s dark and late and the brain is spiraling downward and so I better wrap this up and tuck myself into bed before the ruminations get really special.

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