Questions And Answers With Rain: OpenShift

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Fifty Nine]

Photo by Matt Artz on Unsplash

Q: You do meditation things every day. How do you do this? Do you have an app that leads through it?

A: Headspace. I love it.

Q: Awesome. Let’s say I want an ‘openshift for complete dummies’. Got a suggestion?

A: There’s no openshift for complete dummies, but I could write that up for you.

But first the news:

The quick summary is that OpenShift is Red Hat’s platform as a service on kubernetes and Docker. Also, it helps to dive into microservices, if you haven’t heard of it, as this is one of the core concepts / benefits of kubernetes.

Therefore, to get started, read over the PaaS wikipedia, then inhale kubernetes and docker, and if you haven’t met it yet, get to know microservices.

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Some Rules Are Meant To Be Broken Sometimes

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Fifty Eight]

You absolutely may not run into the street without looking both ways. And you may not cross the street without holding a grown-up’s hand. And you absolutely must not panic and break all those rules when you see a spider the size of your FACE.


Except DO.

When I saw that thing, even I jumped a bit.

It would’ve included a completely undignified SQUEAK, too, except I was holding you and Putting On A Brave Face and you were trembling, whimpering in my arms and I was Making Assurances and then killing the fucking thing with my boot.

Even though, yes, spiders are not meant to be scary and it’s totally okay when they’re in our house cause, yes, they eat bugs.

When they scare your girl twin so bad that she runs into the street, fleeing to the safe space of Mama’s Left Leg, they DO NOT DESERVE TO LIVE.

But first the news:

Minion Army, while I’m teaching you three all kinds of brilliant rules, I hope you know that there’s always a time and a place to break said rules.

Specifically, here are my top five rules that you totally need to do all the time to succeed in life.

Except when you don’t.

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Because Success Is One Step Beyond Failure

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Fifty Seven]

Photo by Joyful on Unsplash

I watched Dance Dreams Hot Chocolate Nutcracker aka Debbie Allen Hot Chocolate Nutcracker in the United States.

Because #branding

Behind-the-scenes at the Debbie Allen Dance Academy and their award-winning version of The Nutcracker, which blends a variety of dance traditions.

And I cried at the end.

But first the news:

That pull to dance?

It’s stronger.

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Happy THIRD Birthday, Twins

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Fifty Six]

You two are SO BIG!

I can’t believe that we induced three years ago yesterday and then you were BORN.





By the way, twins don’t normally do that – there are a LOT of twins born via Cesarean, and, typically, when twins are born, well, vaginally, like you were, well, one comes out then the other.

MINUTES apart.

But not you!


Girl Twin couldn’t WAIT to get out and Boy Twin, well, he took his time.

I was oh so totally fine with the lovely pause in between cause, let’s be honest, that was HARD.

But first the news:

But if we’re going to talk about your birth, I need to touch on the pregnancy – cause THAT was also HARD.

That’s the night before – I’m so ready to MEET YOU because the pregnancy was SO HARD. And we’ve DONE IT! Thirty FOUR weeks, babies! Single babies aim for thirty six, but twins get thirty-four as the goal.

Let’s talk about THAT rollercoaster ride, shall we?

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The Expansion of the Leadership Project

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Fifty Five]

The Leadership Project is one of four sections within the Farmer Project and I did this whacky thing the other day, see, cause I finished it.


I still have a few ongoing goals and I’d love to become a Distinguished Toastmaster, but otherwise, I finished.

What do I do now?

Good question.

But first the news:

I finished it weeks ago, actually, but had a BUNCH of things to distract me like hormones and civil suits and, well, all kinds of adventures, but decided to put my foot down and focus this week with my kickass life coach, Rachael.

And so we did.

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