Actual Step One – Self Acceptance

750WordsLogoAs I mentioned before, I’m addressing the rumination issue by writing every day on and addressing the recovery issue by playing SuperBetter.

One of the first steps is to read about self acceptance because it’s easier to notice and be empathetic towards the suffering of others, but hard as HELL to do the same for ourselves.



Cultivating a high level of self-compassion doesn’t mean lowering our standards, accepting our fate, or feeling sorry for ourselves. Rather, it’s about exercising a set of practices that can help us stay healthier and more emotionally resilient in the face of daily challenges and even profound crises.

While self-esteem and self-worth determine how valuable we see ourselves, self-acceptance offers us something much broader and more unconditional. Through self-acceptance we allow all parts of ourselves to exist—the ones we like and the ones we don’t—which ultimately promotes a more positive sense of self.

This may resonate more with those who are self improvement addicts, but is also an excellent first step for those of us recovering from depression, anxiety, and, yes, PTSD.


Baby steps.

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