Adding Jayla To The List

did-you-spot-this-ancient-starfleet-ship-full-star-trek-beyond-trailer-breakdown-jayla-986770I wrote an article a few days ago called Safety Lights Are For Dudes in which I compiled a list of kickass female characters who I Would Like To Be When I Grow Up.

I’m gonna go ahead and add Jayla to that.

But first, you need to get in the proper mindset for this post.

Push play.


Jayla, Star Trek Beyond

She’s supposed to be supporting cast, but you can’t help but be totally drawn in by how kickass she is when she … wait, no spoilers. Go see it yourself. She can fight. She can fix stuff. She is hilarious. And nothing takes her edge off.



And once you’ve inhaled the awesomeness that is Star Trek Beyond, revisit all your favorite Jayla adventures by listening to “her music”.

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