Adventures in Pregnancy: The Eggplants

Symptoms: higher energy, pregnancy brain, massiveness, nausea, less painful hips, insomnia, frequent strong activity, and hic’ups.

Totally still puking, but not like I used to – “only” throwing up in the back of my throat without the “normal” morning vomit.

For the most part, since last Tuesday, I feel pretty damn good.

Then I’ll do something like bike nearby and when I get off the bike or stop at a light, my hips HOWL IN PROTEST.

Fucking hips.

There are two factors that really bother me about my reactions last week. Oh, you haven’t heard? Go read.

I’ll wait.

And, as I’m sure you’d rather hear about the twins, I can tell you we don’t know yet.

I had a quick follow up appointment this past Monday to measure flows [1] on both of the twins and received a right proper Dutch scolding from the doctor who could tell I was upset at the last appointment and wanted me to call earlier in the wobble cycle before a crash that puts me in the hospital.

She’s right, of course.

But the FLOWS of both twins is absolutely awesome. Something else that’s awesome? Both twins are SUPER ACTIVE.

They kick like fiends.

And punch.

And flip.

And are generally the obnoxious little beasts they should be as they run out of room.

Also, I felt one of the babies had hic’ups.


There is still one more follow up appointment to the initial ‘girl twin is a bit smaller than we like’ appointment, which is this Monday where they’ll do another growth measurement to see if she’s staying in her current growth trajectory or catching up. Either would be okay, but will determine how often I need to go in for checkups.

Best case scenario is that we’re back to appointments every three weeks.

The absolutely worse case scenario is that I’m admitted to the hospital again for continual monitoring of their heart rates / flows. To be clear, it’s not really her size that causes alarm as much as the POTENTIAL lack of development of her brain and lungs.

That said, the doctor told me to stop freaking out. Also she told Pontus to tell me to stop freaking out. And she told me to listen to Pontus when he tells me to stop freaking out.


“Listen to Pontus.”


Ah, good times.

The factors that truly bother me about last week are that I didn’t realize how wobbly I was before I crashed. I knew I wasn’t doing well, but I thought I had it under control. Therefore, when do I call? I’ll discuss this with a psychiatrist today.

The other factor that bothers me is that I BOUNCED back from it and I DON’T KNOW WHY. I certainly didn’t like spending the night in the hospital. Or having an IV [SHIVER] in my wrist. But was that enough to get me back on track? I’ll discuss this as well.

Maybe we’ll figure it out, maybe we won’t. Either way, I’m seeing someone regularly for the rest of the pregnancy.

Just in case.

Oh, and we’re moving today.

Like, right now.

I’m at a cafe writing while P helps load the truck and they’ve requested I come over when they’re unloading the truck because “women know precisely where stuff goes”.

Ah, sexism.

Totally had a “normal” morning puke because we had to get up way way earlier than normal and because of all the stress, but for the most part have managed.

So far.

I’ll let you know.

[1] Flows refer to something about the blood flow to and from each twin as measured via the umbilical cord as well as the brain.

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  1. Is Pontus the only one supposed to tell you to stop freaking out, or are friends supposed/allowed to as well? Don’t wanna overstep should I happen to tell you, in the most loving way possible, to stop freaking out.

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