Adventures in Pregnancy : The Glass Apples

Today is a marvelous one because P and I have been married fifteen years. And the twins are fifteen weeks.

Is this serendipity?

What does serendipity mean?

Please hold.

*looks it up*

Eh. Close enough.

The traditional gift for fifteen years (holy shit, fifteen years!) is crystal. But we’re having twins, people; we need to start acting like it and STOP SPENDING MONEY.

That scolding was more for me than P.

Okay, entirely for me.

But the modern gift is glass. And since the twins are at fifteen weeks which is, apparently, apple sized, Glass Apples.

Whenever people ask how we met, I say, “His girlfriend invited my boyfriend over for drinks.”

Which is entirely true.

At our first meeting we were dating other people. I was twenty-two and he was twenty.


P and I connected immediately. He was drunk off his ass with plenty of “FUCK!”s and I was laughing my ass off and we were thick as thieves instantly. Within a few weeks, my roommate and her boyfriend and P and I decided to run up to Oak Ridge for the weekend to visit family and hit the local escher exhibit.

I broke up just before I walked out of the apartment to go pick up P. My boyfriend gets online and tells P’s girlfriend. She flips out and breaks up with P. We drove for however many hours complaining about craptastic relationships, getting a flat tire, getting rescued, and finally arriving in Oak Ridge.

All our friends thought we were fucking.

We weren’t.

Over the next three years we were roommates, colleagues, best friends and utterly uninterested in dating one another.

And then.

He started dating this really flirty girl and becoming really flirty himself and I absolutely FELL IN LOVE.

I told him I liked him a lot. Over irc. One hour before his final exams.

His response was something along the lines of, “Cool. But I’ve got an exam. Let’s connect after, yes?”

And then we got married.

Well, maybe not that fast. But our first date was a week later. It involved me picking him up from the airport, driving to my apartment and lots of sex. THEN I asked him to marry me.

He, shockingly, freaked out.

I calmly pointed out that we were best friends. That since the sex was awesome, what else was there to figure out?

He said he needed time. I rolled my eyes.

Four months later I asked him to marry me again and he said yes.

We were married six months later. I was twenty-six and he was twenty-three.

Everyone thought we were pregnant.

We weren’t.

Our plan was always education, then job security, then two children. And while things haven’t exactly gone according to plan (OR HAVE THEY?!?) things are divine.

I’m forty-one and he’s thirty-eight.

Happy FIFTEEN year anniversary, P.

We’ve been through it all together. And I look forward to going through the rest with you.


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  1. I wasn’t aware of all those details, but now I’m sure it’s a perfect story. Happy 15th!

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