Adventures in Pregnancy: The Mangoes

Yup, totally still puking.


Because of Quarantine’s Spring at Noorderzon, I’ve got Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off going through my head.

And now you do, too.

You’re welcome.

Let’s talk for a minute about those symptoms, shall we?

These are not so easy to shake off.

My hips have dived into the relaxin mode of the third trimester. Even though it’s only the second trimester. Which means walking and biking and sitting and sleeping all hurt after a bit.

It totally sucks.

Puking persists. Although it’s now external rarely (but always in the morning) and mostly burps and throwing up in the back of my throat along with an underlying nausea that lasts all day.

I’m dizzy a lot, but only if I forget I’m pregnant and change levels too quickly (lying down to sitting up or sitting up to standing, et cetera). Thankfully, I’m reaching the size where I don’t often forget I’m pregnant anymore.

Or my hips remind me.

It. Totally. Sucks.

And, holy shit, the pregnancy brain is in full effect.

I can’t focus and when I do, I sometimes focus on the wrong thing. For example, I focus on the details instead of the big picture or the big picture instead of the details.

Hilarity ensues.



I went to the gynecologist this past Monday for a regular three week checkup and she again did NOT increase the iron prescription (I’m ONLY taking half dose) because I’m still puking. There will be a blood test at the next appointment to verify if this is still okay or if we need to push the iron despite the nausea.

More importantly, though, we looked at the PROS.twins and they’re doing GREAT. Growing normally – PROS.boy has gained a few days growth over PROS.girl so his due date is still the same 21 December while hers is now solidly on Christmas. But apparently this is normal for boys and girls and twins so the doctor isn’t worried.

So I’m not worried.

I’m just really tired. And maybe doing too much.


The twins are healthy.


Life is good.

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