Adventures in Pregnancy: The Pineapples

Symptoms: nausea, massiveness, achey joints, painful hips, squished bladder and indigestion.

Still totally puking.


The twins are still consistently healthy.

Both of them.

The boy is pulling ahead in his growth curve while the girl is staying solidly on hers.

This is “normal” says the doctor as boys are typically larger than girls.

Here’s the fun statement of the day – the twins are EACH the SAME SIZE as if they were in a womb BY THEMSELVES.

Let’s take a moment to digest this:


Is the same size as IF they were in their own womb.

For their gender.


And not a lot else is happening.


I can no longer walk or sleep or breathe or eat as easily as I used to do. Of course.

It’s not like there’s anything still need to be done.

Glances over at the library nook that still needs the small blue couch from the top floor and the rug unrolled. Looks the other way at the heaps of unfolded, but clean laundry on the brown couch. Ignores the entire top floor of chaos. Peers at the blank spaces by the back door where the hospital bag for me and the overnight bag for PROS.alpha should be. Avoids thinking about the complete lack of sleeping arrangements for the twins.

This is fine. Totally fine.

Of course.

Two weeks ago, the doctor confirmed the new goal for induction.

Thirty eight weeks.

07 December.


Today, at another appointment with the self same doctor, we confirmed the thirty-eight weeks. But, more importantly, I said, yes, I *have* been experiencing random light contractions.

And the doctor says, “If actual contractions start after thirty four weeks, we won’t stop them.”

And I says, “That’s Thursday. Thirty four weeks is Thursday. The day after tomorrow.”

And the doctor says, “Yes. It is.”

So not only do we have a deadline, 07 December, but should the twins decide to come spontaneously early, they’re allowed.

And they’re both head down, so vaginal birth is likely.

With pain meds.

Of course.

No big deal.

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  1. Rest all you can, hard as it is. Have hubby do most, for now. Hug Sasha lots, remember tiny girls are “small but mighty.” Sending love, hugs and prayers.

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