Adventures in Pregnancy: The Red Cabbages

Symptoms of the Week: Constipation (cause you should always mention the poop FIRST – sets the tone #amirite), nausea, dizziness, CRYING, constant exhaustion, tension, anger, STRETCH MARKS, painful hips, and a persistent feeling of HUGENESS.

Yuppers, totally still puking.

The awesomeness of this week is that I FEEL big now. For a few days now, it feels like I’m wearing a corset all the time. And I often realize that I’ve been sitting with my ENTIRE core engaged.

I breathe.

And relax.

It helps a bit.

The hips, again, aren’t so bad, but the puking has upticked once more. And digestion is doing all kinds of interesting things that I won’t go into because I love you.

You’re welcome.

I had a regular appointment with the gynocologist and the twins are doing just fine. The boy remains due 21 December while the girl is not growing as quickly and is now due 25 December. This might sound scary, but they’re both still on the major scale for growth. It’s more that one is a boy and one is a girl.

Also, the doctor isn’t worried so I’m not worried.

We closed on the house last Friday and I had a total freak out on Saturday. And another one on Monday afternoon. And I cry so FUCKING EASILY. It’s annoying as fuck, even when you know it’s “just hormones”.

Cause tears means snot means puke.

Realized today that I’ve been thinking I’m in the third trimester cause first trimester ends after twelve weeks, but no, third trimester starts at twenty-seven weeks, so OOPS.

But the part that I’m more relieved about is that they can come out and be okay. Theoretically. Like, every single day is better and better for THAT stressor.

That has weighed more heavily on my mind than with PROS.alpha probably because it took so long to BE pregnant this time.

In work news, I continue to get pings and questions and direct messages about TripleO and OpenStack and open source. And I continue to triage and guide, as needed. I’m still here for you, but, y’know, pregnant. With twins.

In house news, our ‘old’ house has been on the market officially for a week, we’ve had ten viewings already with another five scheduled and a full asking offer on the table. But good stressors make me throw up just as much as bad stressors, so I look forward to all of this being resolved and out of my brain space.

Also, painters are working like mad on the ‘new’ house.

Also, we have an official move date.

Also, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go cry and throw up for a bit.


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