Adventures in Pregnancy: The Rutabagas

Symptoms are pretty much the same as last week except the hips have become slightly more manageable.

Also, yes, still puking.

It’s awesome.

For the first time in this pregnancy, I feel BIG. Sure, my rings are still loose enough and I don’t have a double chin (yet) or stretch marks (yet) but I have GIRTH.

And I’m okay with that.

I mean, as much as one can be okay with that.

Our house officially went on the market today, which, I think, is why I’m puking ALL DAY TODAY, but the good news is that we already have three visitors scheduled for tomorrow which blows my little mind.


In the meantime, the twins can now be born prematurely. I mean, DON’T, PLEASE, but it’s possible.

Which means we’re doing things like discussing names and finalizing baby logistics and checking in with the kraamzorg.

THIS is why I wanted to have our second pregnancy in the Netherlands. The kraamzorg is a service that comes during the first seven to ten days of your baby’s life – if you have the baby at home, the kraamzorg shows up within hours of birth. If you have your baby at the hospital, the kraamzorg shows up just before discharge to talk about labor and delivery and, if applicable, hospital stay, and to help you home. And it’s a nurse with lots of experience who makes sure you and the baby and your partner and your other children are adjusting to life, the universe, and everything.

The day I came home with Sasha, the hospital had diagnosed him with a tied tongue which was why (among several other reasons) we were having trouble breast feeding and MINUTES BEFORE CHECK OUT, they snipped his little tongue.

Now, the way to comfort a baby with a freshly snipped tongue is to breast feed him, except we still weren’t latching, so I spent a horrible, short car ride to the house with a hysterical baby and when we got upstairs to his nursery and the kraamzorger showed up, I absolutely lost my shit.

She said that was perfectly normal – that all new mamas fall apart two to four days after the baby’s birth and would I like a cup of tea?

She also soothed Sasha, changed his diaper, bundled us both into bed, and got him magically latching in SECONDS.

I’m pretty sure unicorns, rainbows, and ritual sacrifice was involved.

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