Adventures in Pregnancy: The Spaghetti Squashes

I know, I know, I’ve been gone forevers.

And a day.

I’d gotten into this self preservation habit of just taking care of myself which included not posting / hiding under a rock / sleeping a bit more than pregnancy requires bordering on depressiveness, but I kept posting these weekly pictures of the bump and hoped it would be enough.

Thankfully, many of you kept reaching under the rock and asking how I was doing.

Thank you.

So let’s get you caught up, shall we?

“No, there is too much. Let me sum up.”

My residency card expired.

I called the IND and received VERBAL assurances that I was fine because they had changed the law a few years ago such that EU citizens AND THEIR PARTNERS no longer needed to prove anything or carry anything to be legally present in the Netherlands. Even if you’re not an EU citizen, but ‘just’ a partner or dependent. Could I have written confirmation of these laws? Of course not.

Awesomeness ensued, including some incredible stress from work, cause, shockingly, they wanted said written confirmation; several phone calls with IND and two trips out to Zwolle later and I now have a pretty sticker in my passport that gives said written confirmation. It meant, however, that I puked a lot more.

A whole lot more.

A few things happened around the same time we found out we are having twins – most significantly, that we found out home mortgages are at an all time low in the Netherlands because friends of ours sold their house in our neighborhood and bought a bigger house down in Haren and told us how awesome their new mortgage was and we thought, “WANT”.

But also I’m pregnant. With twins.

And there were a shit ton of factors also at play, so planets had to ALIGN (and possibly a sacrificial goat) in order for us to actually sell our house and buy another house and so on and because this seems to be the year of miracles…

We found a house in Haren that passed the housing inspection with flying colors, ready to be moved in ASAP within our price range, big enough with a massive yard and a separate office / garage for me to work from home and plenty of space for THREE children PLUS a guest room and a massive kitchen and a bank said they would lend us the money for an impossibly low rate and our house is scheduled to go on the market 28 August but has already had a viewing and another early viewing is scheduled and we’re still in absolute shock.

Not a single goat was harmed in the alignment of the planets.

But it means I’m puking a lot lot more.

Our house goes on the market officially 28 August, we close on the Haren house 08 September, paint it and move in 15 September, settle and sort and nest in September / October and maternity leave starts 13 October.

No pressure.


Both babies are totally fine as of the twenty week exam.

That’s the long exam where they look for TONS of specific anomalies. The little boy, that had THREE red flags at twelve weeks, which is why we did the double amniocentesis, has completely grown out of all three anomalies.

I practically skipped out of the exam.

As an aside, the doctors only told us about one of the three red flags at the twelve week exam because we stressed out SO HARD about that one thing AND he was highly likely to grow out of the other two. But still. There’s nothing quite like being in the twenty week exam and the doctor saying, “Oh, good. The boy has a nasal bone now. That wasn’t there before.”


And I’m in a show.

I performed when I was pregnant with Sasha and it was such an absolute delight that I was a bit sad that I wasn’t going to have the opportunity this time. And that I was entirely too sick to do it anyway.


Then this notice came along, a show specifically centered around pregnant women and they’re super empathetic and caring and supportive of needing to sit and lie down and eat and move gently, so that while they understood that I could quit at any time because of how rough the pregnancy has been, I haven’t needed to.

If you’re in the Groningen area and want to see me on stage SINGING along with twelve other pregnant / young mothers, check it out.

Finally, I went to Newcastle for a friend’s wedding.

LITERALLY the BEST wedding I have ever attended – I could write an entire post JUST about the exquisite details and thought and LOVE that went into ever moment of the weekend – but.

We flew out two days before and flew back the day after so that we could travel gently with a pregnant lady and a toddler and …

It wasn’t enough.

For the most part I was very selfish and would go to bed ‘early’ and drive everywhere and let P do most of the care taking with PROS.alpha, but …

It wasn’t enough.

We ended up being late for our flight to Amsterdam and needing to RUN through the Newcastle airport which is designed to MEANDER between shops and restaurants before you go to an actual departure gate and not at all designed for efficiency for pregnant ladies.

And when I say RUN I mean this shuffling jogging thing I do because I had PROS.alpha slung on my back (weight on my hips) while P had THE REST OF OUR BAGS.

P yelling, “Make way!”

Me breathing, “Thank you.”

PROS.alpha screaming, “Nee! Loopen!”

And we JUST made the flight.

Someone immediately leapt out of his seat on the shuttle for me which I gratefully took. There wasn’t pain or I wouldn’t have run, but I was thinking, “I’m gonna pay for this … don’t know how, but it’s gonna catch up.”

And it did.

Every day this week has been like a time travel back to first trimester puking – thankfully, not including liquids – but solids have been coming up with regularity and I’ve been sleeping a LOT and my hips were FUCKED.

But also thankfully, I’ve been significantly better every single day.

This morning’s puke was pretty much back to my ‘regular’ second trimester puke level.

Which is to say, YES, totally still puking.

But now I’m happy.

Cause the twins are HEALTHY.

And the residency permit is on its way.

And the show is next week.

And we bought a house.

And Life is Good.

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