And How Many Tech Talks? And Conferences? And ATC CODES?!?

Way back in may 2015, I did my first tech talks evar at [PyGrunn] and [DjangoCon US] “Leveraging Procedural Knowledge”

TWO talks and TWO conferences!

And then I switched jobs within Red Hat to join engineering, where I am now a Developer Evangelist which means I code AND talk. Which is what #ALLTHETALKS have been for ever since…

Except, no, I’m just now remembering one other.

And, wait, another.

So I’ve been doing MOSTLY TripleO things, but also other things.

You’ll see.

At pre-FOSDEM Centos Dojo Brussels (not a conference, more like a meetup but with multiple tracks; could be considered a one day conference? a pre-conference? okay, a conference. [FINE].) and [FOSDEM] and [DevConf.CZ] I did my first talks over RDO Manager. This is where we, as a community, realized that the only project that was changing names from upstream to within RDO was TripleO.

There was a vote.

It’s now officially named TripleO upstream as well as within RDO and RDO Manager (as a name) no longer exists.
FIVE talks and conferences

I started talking tech in Toastmasters Groningen for Competent Communicator project #7 – Research Your Topic
SIX talks and FIVE conferences

I volunteered to be a coach at Django Girls den Haag and they asked me to give their keynote (HOLY SHIT! [FIRST KEYNOTE!]) which was an absolute blast and what an honor and there was so much enthusiasm and love and support and I’m still in touch with so many people from this event.
SEVEN talks and FIVE conferences

I went to OpenStack Summit Austin in April, but didn’t talk. I helped give TripleO demos and answer questions at the booth, but I do that at most conferences I attend, whether or not there’s an official Red Hat presence (besides me, of course) so I don’t really count that as giving an official talk.

Even though I wasn’t officially speaking, I earned my very first Active Technical Contributor flag and my first free Summit pass.


Then I got into Red Hat Summit and spoke there on the community track – my first TripleO talk called “Become an OpenStack TripleO ATC, easy as ABC”!
EIGHT talks and SEVEN conferences and ONE ATC

PyCon Sweden and PyGrunn (again!) – [PyCon SE’s Build a Private Developer’s Cloud Using TripleO] and [PyGrunn’s Build a Private Developer’s Cloud Using TripleO]
TEN talks and NINE conferences

Then I completed the CC and dove into the Toastmasters advanced manual Technical Presentations project #1 – The Technical Briefing “WTF is FOSS and where is my free beer?”
ELEVEN talks and NINE conferences

Code Daze in Buffalo New York [The ABCs of Being a RDO OoO ATC] this talk also counted towards project #2 – The Proposal
TWELVE talks and TEN conferences

I WENT to Grace Hopper Celebration, but, didn’t speak (except I totally worked the booth LOTS and spoke to a MILLION people about contributing to open source), but then spoke (HOLY FUCK!) at OpenStack Summit Barcelona – an introduction to TripleO based on [What the Heck is OoO? Owls All The Way Down] which also counted towards project #4 – Presenting a Technical Paper. AND I earned another ATC code for OpenStack Summit.
THIRTEEN talks and TWELVE conferences and TWO ATC CODES!

This fall at Toastmasters Groningen, I tackled project #3 – The Non-Technical Audience “Become an Open Source Contributor – easy as ABC!” where I included a physical demonstration of programming by taking instructions from the audience and applying them to a robot (ME!) which demonstrated how telling a robot to walk results in showing off.
FOURTEEN talks and TWELVE conferences

I also went and spoke at a local company and did my one and only LIVE demo on THEIR hardware. Super scary and, yes, something went wrong, but then it was fixed and the rest of the demo went smooth as silk.
FIFTEEN talks and TWELVE conferences

At OpenStack Days Mountain West in Salt Lake City Utah, I was on my very first panel, “The Future of OpenStack” with amazing kickass people. And holy hell this was the hardest thing I did to this point, speaking wise, but I think I held my own.
SIXTEEN talks and THIRTEEN conferences

This week I popped down to OpenStack MeetUp in Amsterdam and was asked to do a quick little introduction to TripleO and contributing upstream. I grabbed the slides from Code Daze and kicked ass, if I do say so myself.
THIRTEEN conferences


Therefore, since may 2015 I have done thirty FIVE escape rooms, SEVENTEEN talks, THIRTEEN conferences, and earned TWO ATC codes.


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