And It’ll Totally Bring All The Boys To The Yard

blacktapPart of posting something emotionally intense is recovering from it ENOUGH to write something for the next day’s post.


There are several ways to jerk your brain back to where you want to be – meditate, distract, exposure therapy, or, say, invent a new ice cream goodie.

And by “invent” I actually mean recreate a $15 over the top milkshake from Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer in NYC.

Here’s the catch.

I need suggestions – chocolate? strawberry? cotton candy? exploratory savory action?

And guinea pigs.

Want to join in the fun time? Stop by at two o’clock on 03 April 2016.


We’re gonna make some milkshakes.

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9 Replies to “And It’ll Totally Bring All The Boys To The Yard”

  1. Seriously, lemme know if you’ll be here next Sunday. And what flavor we’ll be experimenting with… *drools*

  2. Cinnamon? ‘Spekjes’ (= marshmallow, but the ones you don’t have to heat before they’re tasty)?

  3. The process seems to become more informed as research indicates as much – slowly, but surely. Happy to hear this. Indeed, time for ice cream.

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