And Since It’s My Birthday Month, I Totally Bought A JewelBot

I was writing up my report for Red Hat Summit, looking through twitter at #RHSummit and #RedHatSummit and #RedHatSummit2018 feeds and came across the eleven year old super wonder who totally presented during a keynote ON HER BIRTHDAY.

Her name is Ellie G and she totally has a YouTube channel where she gives mini workshops on how to code a JewelBot.

At first I was all, “Awww, how cute.”

And then I saw that the bracelets are interactive with other bracelets and you can send messages and shit – wait, WHAT?!?

So I bought one.

I’m totally going to see if I can hack it to run my cloud.

But then I was curious and started looking around – what’s the latest in wearable tech?

I found MOTIV which is a ring that tracks steps / activity, heart rate, and sleep. Which is exactly what I use my fitbit for, except it’s a SWEET LITTLE RING. Even at $200, it’s totally tempting except I already wear three rings. No bueno.

So then I googled ‘wearable programmable tech’ and BOOM! We’re off down the rabbit hole.

There’s the CodeBug, offered by Pimoroni and designed in the UK, is built around Microchip’s PIC18F25K50 device, which offers the advantages of all PIC18 microcontrollers, namely high computational performance at an economical price.

Did you fall asleep, too?

That thing needs a re-brand. #SRSLY

You can literally attach it to a million different wearable things – hair clips, sewn into clothing, high atop your epic crown of doom – AND IT’S PROGRAMMABLE.

And then I found myDazzu which looks totally awesome and is TOTALLY DISCONTINUED.


But because I found myDazzu, I found which has So! Many! WEARABLES!! !

And, people, I’m not sure my birthday can handle choosing JUST ONE THING.

Cause while I am so totally a geek and I’m turning FORTY TWO and I do all these adult things like have a job and pay bills and enjoy sleeping, I’m still just a kid at heart and absolutely LOVE to PLAY.

Which I’ll pretty much do until the day I die.

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