And Then We All Held Hands And Sang Kumbaya

I might’ve bit off slightly more than I could chew yesterday because in addition to SPEAKING at Red Hat Summit, I decided to run the Red Hat Summit 5k BEFORE the talk and then attend the Women’s Leadership lunch AFTER the talk.

And while those three events were so kickass awesome and totally worth it and wonderful all in their own right, I am UTTERLY EXHAUSTED today.

I felt pretty damn good about yesterday’s talk (and since it wasn’t recorded, I can say without proof otherwise that it was ABSOLUTELY EPIC AND PERFECT AND WOAH, YOU MISSED SOME BRILLIANT WORDS, PEOPLE) but it is pretty affirming when you open up the floor to questions and people ask #ALLTHEQUESTIONS.

The dialogue was AWESOME and wonderful and the questions were thoughtful and, sure, I didn’t know all the answers, but invited people to email me directly cause I knew who to forward those questions to to get the answers they’re looking for, so I totally hope they take me up on that offer.


The talk itself ended up being forty-five ish minutes and the questions took the rest of the one hour allotted session and people touched base after as well until I had to run to the lunch. Therefore it wasn’t until after the lunch that I saw all the KICKASS tweets.


First off, Get Topical published Become An OpenStack TripleO ATC – Easy as ABC on their website.

And then all these tweets happened and I so totally FEEL THE LOVE.

And then I got this AMAZING comment on LinkedIn where propagates.

Hey Rain. I was there today. You totally rocked the presentation. Just yesterday I completed OpenStack Director Power Training and I was grinning the whole time while learning how cool and awesome Ironic is. Seeing you so passionate and hyped putting OpenStack out there, helps me build the energy to go back home and start crunching the paperwork and build the case for implementing it in our shop, because I really like how despite all this being “work”, a lot of people care deeply for it and strive to make it better all the time. Good work everybody at Red Hat.

A, you, sir, are EPIC. Thanks so much for the INCREDIBLE compliments – I LOVE that you JUST took Director training yesterday because TripleO *becomes* Director and it’s like this awesome circle of learning about the Red Hat product piece and then going and looking at the upstream version and that’s truly awesome. I’m definitely one of those passionate about TripleO / RDO / OpenStack and please do reach out to me directly if I can help you in any way with your cloud journey and I am SO TOTALLY sharing this with the people on our team / the gang at Red Hat because we love to hear we’re going in the right direction.

OF COURSE, there were tons of selfies and connections that are just so kickass awesome that it’s hard to put into words, especially RIGHT NOW.

I really can’t say it enough – I love you all.

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