Become An OpenStack TripleO ATC – Easy As ABC

just-the-owlOne of the barriers for trying out OpenStack TripleO and its derivatives has been the relative difficulty in getting an environment installed and configured quickly.

To this end, we’ve put together a script that prepares the system, configures the repositories, and builds the virtual machines for you.

At the end of this talk, you’ll understand how the tripleo-quickstart script works and be well on your way to becoming a TripleO active technical contributor.

What does it mean to be a RDO / OpenStack / TripleO active technical contributor?


It means that you are a developer or designer or support engineer or tester or project manager or writer or END USER and you’d like to become involved in an open source project.

It means that you want contribute to TripleO, which is a project within the umbrella space called OpenStack, and that you’ll join the RDO community for guidance, feedback, and support.

And, sure, while it’s actually more like ABCDEF.

Gee, I’m hoping you’ll come see me talk later today at the Red Hat Summit, Room 3001, Moscone West in San Francisco, California 10:15-11:15.



If you’re especially lucky, there may even be a live demonstration, cause LIVING ON THE EDGE IS AWESOME.

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  1. Can you talk about this (in a really easy way) at toastmasters or somewhere else I can actually come and see you? Because it sounds really interesting, but massively more difficult that ABCDEFG…..XYZ.

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