Build a Private Developer’s Cloud Using TripleO

pygrunn3I just submitted an RFP to PyGrunn 2016 and realized that I have not yet shared my latest talk to you, the kickass readers of

This is my day job. My thing.

My passion.

And since one of the main goals of this site is giving you insight to what makes me a #DancingEngineer and a #FierceWoman, I humbly present the latest version of this RFP.


TripleO is an OpenStack Deployment & Management tool built using python.

With TripleO, you start by creating an undercloud (an actual operator facing deployment cloud) that will contain the necessary OpenStack components to deploy and manage an overcloud (an actual tenant facing workload cloud). The overcloud is the deployed solution and can represent a cloud for any purpose (e.g. production, staging, test, etc). The operator can choose any of available Overcloud Roles (controller, compute, etc.) they want to deploy to the environment.

One of the barriers to entry for trying out TripleO and its derivatives has been the relative difficulty in getting an environment up quickly.

The set of ansible roles at is meant to help.

The Cloud, Big Data, Internet of Things – so many technologies are the new hotness right now and TripleO quickstart is one of many ways to dive into one of the largest open source umbrella project, OpenStack.

As a TripleO and RDO active technical contributor, this is a topic that is near and dear to my heart that I have travelled the world discussing for the past six months.


If you’d like me to come talk at your meetup, conference, or gathering, comment below or drop me a line because educating and empowering developers, especially in the RDO and OpenStack TripleO communities, is what I do.

EDIT: And I was accepted! I am speaking at PyGrunn 2016 on Friday 13 May. Queue the spooky music in honor of the date!

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