Dutch Lock Down Day Fifteen

Photo by LOGAN WEAVER on Unsplash

Two WEEKS, Warriors.

Is it starting to feel ‘normal’ for you?

I think it might be for me?


But first, the news:

I had a nightmare last night.

Which is nice.

Cause the pattern for the past TWO WEEKS has been having dreams and waking up to a nightmare.


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Dutch Lock Down Day Nine


I’m gonna lose count eventually but today is not that day!


I TOTALLY had to pull up the last post to see what today’s title is cause that’s where we are now. I’m only surprised it took nine days and not, say, three.

Narrator: it totally just took three days.


Today I did only two things.

  1. I went grocery shopping.
  2. I finished a jungle gym swing set thing.
  3. I managed expectations at work.

Nothing else matters.

The local grocery store has a hand washing station set up outside the front doors. Which you are required to use before entering the store.

Which I did not use because I got there so early and the store employees weren’t actually ready to welcome people into the store.


I didn’t have to use because the one store employee who saw me took one look at my mask and gloves and mohawk hat and didn’t want none.

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Dutch Lock Down Day Eight

Alt Title: “This Roller Coaster Fucking Sucks”

Strap in, Warriors, this one’s a doozy.

First, awesome news! Cause we always start with awesome news? No, cause this roller coaster is SEQUENTIAL.

Yay, news from the daycare!

I’ll admit, I winced.

There have been SO MANY SHITTY EMAILS from so many places with updates around the coronavirus that I totally thought this was yet another negative email, but, since it was a super long newsletter, I slapped it into the translator, took a sip of super delicious English Breakfast tea and held my breath.

And re-read.

And then literally burst into tears.

Context is important – when all the daycares and schools and such shut down, those of us who have contracts with said daycares were required to keep paying even though our children weren’t going.

To cover the cost of daycare for crisis workers.

So they can do their jobs.


And today the daycares informed us that the government is going to pay back those parents who are paying but are keeping their kids at home.

Which means we can keep employing the emergency caregiver.

Every day.

Including the weekends.

Tears. Of. Relief. And. JOY.

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What is Your Armageddon Agenda?

Photo by Victor Rodvang on Unsplash

I just figured something out.

I’m slow sometimes.


At a certain time, people started scolding me whenever I would shake their hands, but they would scold me with a dash of embarrassment and humour.

The Dutch Prime Minister… announced no more shaking hands. And then shook hands. And then laughed about it. And then touched the health worker. MORE. And then walked off screen with his ARM AROUND HIS NECK.

So that’s where we are now.

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