Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Sixteen

[Let Them Eat Cake]

I’ve got all kinds of delicious goodies for you today, Warriors.

Office pics? YUP!

Cloud cakes? Oh YEAH!

But first the news:

Today was the #HybridCloudBakeOff care of the #DevRel group at Packet Host.

And it was DELICIOUS!! !

Want to see my contributions?

And, sure, my office, too.

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Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Fourteen

[Third Time’s a Charm, AMIRITE]

When this whole lockdown started and my partner INTRUDED on my space, I’ll admit it was like camping. I scooched over and we shared my fairly large home office. When the kids returned to school / daycare, the deal got even sweeter.

But as days turned to weeks turned to months turned to years the office seemed to get smaller and smaller.

And smaller.

But first the news:

And then.

I started the new job.

And wanted a change in perspective. So we rearranged the office.

And it was good.


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Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Eleven

[I Forgot To Mention The Dizziness]

Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

Yesterday, I mean.

There have been periods of dizziness with me throughout my life – it comes with the low blood pressure.

But the other day I was walking and my blood sugar dropped so fast that I literally swooned. I limped over to a bench and stayed there for a bit, breathing gently to make a plan. Eventually I dragged myself to the gas station (it was closer than going home), bought a chocolate milk AND a large peanut butter candy bar, inhaled both and was able to walk home over ten minutes.

Over those ten minutes, as the sugar hit, I went from walking VERY slowly to strolling a bit.

So that happened.

But first the news:

After I published yesterday, a friend coincidentally reached out to sell me some diet products and I totally jumped. In three weeks or so a detox arrives. But also I ordered the protein powder that I haven’t bought in ten forevers.

And then.

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