Call For Outreachy Mentors

Outreachy is looking for open source communities to provide mentors for their internship program. Community members should sign up to participate by February 18.

If you know of open source communities who could provide mentors and funding for at least one intern ($6,500 USD), please forward this email to them.

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Applicants – I know you’re curious about the schedule for the May to August internships. The TLDR; is that initial applications will open on Jan 20, and are due by Feb 25. The schedule is available at

Sage Sharp

Go, apply, and ROCK this!

Let’s Get To Know One Another

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I’ve heard of these referred as “Chinese Portrait”, but I can’t find the historical relevance or etymology which makes me think that it doesn’t come from Chinese ancestry at all. Does anyone know? Please share your sources?

The idea of it, however, is sound.

After the prompt, answer from your heart, or, as I like to say, let your fingers do the walking.

But even I don’t always work that way. With some of these, like the seven wonders of the world – I read up on it, then answered. Others, like my favourite meal, I couldn’t remember the word for it – I always think, chicken tikka masala when my favourite food is actually massaman.

Either way, the because, description, or explanation often leapt from the fingers once the single item was written.

And then I knew it was true.

And sometimes I didn’t write any explanation at all.

Which is also true.

So, this is me. If I were something else.

I’d love to hear your versions, too – feel free to copy the prompts – or make new ones – and fill in your own versions.

Let’s get to know one another better.

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Workin’ NINE to FIVE. What A Way To Make A Livin’!

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Let’s just dive straight into the last one, shall we?

After a quick tea break, damnit.

That’ll probably turn into a chocolate break. And a walk around a bit cause the back likes it. And board the plane break. And get to the AirBNB. And eat dinner. And find any number of other distractions so I don’t actually do this until a month from now, hm?

But #DamnitTeaBreak


I’m not willing to wait a month.

I wrote a version of this story that’s full of anger and vitriole and blame and emotion and sent it to a few close friends, to my partner.

It helped.

Part of why I’m writing these stories – these three secrets – is because I’m dealing with this anger that is so high that I feel like the Hulk and just getting this third story out of my head and only the screen – read by a very few close friends who don’t really care what it says, who don’t necessarily even have to respond – this helps alleviate the constant pressure.


Another part of me definitely wants to get this third secret out as well.



But first, #CONTEXT

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That’s My Secret, Cap. I’m Always Angry.

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TRIGGER WARNING This article or section, or pages it links to, contains information about sexual assault and/or violence which may be triggering to survivors.

After that last post, going through security and passport control, and walking ten forevers to get to the gate, I’ve had a low grade fever without the exhaustion. Which tells me I’m having a hot flash. One of the longer lasting ones, sure, but still a hot flash.

Before I can find another excuse to procrastinate, I’m going to dive into the next secret.

I’m the Hulk.


All the time.

Sure, there’s a lot to be angry about. And, let me clarify, for this one? I’m not going stream of consciousness. Cause there’d be a lot more cursing. And all caps. And throwing laptops off of buildings.

Big breath in. Big breath out.

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