Outreachy Internships Available

[Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Eight]


Grant for Humanitarian Open Source Communities

Deadline: 01 March 2021 at 1600 UTC

Outreachy is a paid, remote internship program. Internships last three months. Interns and mentors work completely remotely.

Outreachy’s goal is to improve diversity in open source. Past interns are 92% women, 64% people of color, and 12% from a historically disadvantaged caste or tribe. Interns come from around the world, with many interns located in India, Nigeria, and Uganda.

But first the news:

Outreachy is providing a grant to fund interns working with humanitarian open source communities. The Outreachy grant will pay for the internship stipend. This is an ideal chance to get a diverse set of people working with your humanitarian open source community.

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That Feeling You’re Feeling Is Shock

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Ninety Five]

Photo by Quick PS on Unsplash

Or surprise or trauma or depression or disappointment or rage or pity.

Me, too.

And that’s okay.

But first the news:

If you need some ideas around self care, please read In Case Of Emergency, Break Glass, but these are my coping strategies and they may or may not work for you, in that case, I’ve compiled a few resources for dealing with shock and trauma.

First, of course, a qualifier – I am not a doctor.

If you think you might cause harm to yourself or others, please seek professional help.

And I love you.

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Brr It’s Cold In Here

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Sixty Six]

Photo by Ben on Unsplash

Yesterday it was three degrees.

Today it’s one.


And it FEELS even colder.

But first the news:

I would like to file a formal complaint.

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Reminder: This Is A Safe Space

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Sixty Five]

I haven’t streamed on Wednesday mornings in four weeks. Maybe more. And I just realized it might be because of a tweet I took rather personally even though it wasn’t meant personally or maliciously whatsoever nor even meant as a slight against me.

But I totally took it that way.

Cause #criticism

But first the news:

Finally, today, after much discussion and thought and deciding I had rather made a mountain out of a molehill. Oh, yes, and another Wednesday morning without open source streaming, I pushed LIVE on a stream this afternoon and explained what happened.

I think it’ll help.

I hope.

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QnA With Rain: OpenShift

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Fifty Nine]

Photo by Matt Artz on Unsplash

Q: You do meditation things every day. How do you do this? Do you have an app that leads through it?

A: Headspace. I love it.

Q: Awesome. Let’s say I want an ‘openshift for complete dummies’. Got a suggestion?

A: There’s no openshift for complete dummies, but I could write that up for you.

But first the news:

The quick summary is that OpenShift is Red Hat’s platform as a service on kubernetes and Docker. Also, it helps to dive into microservices, if you haven’t heard of it, as this is one of the core concepts / benefits of kubernetes.

Therefore, to get started, read over the PaaS wikipedia, then inhale kubernetes and docker, and if you haven’t met it yet, get to know microservices.

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