Dutch Lock Down Day Seventy

[You’re Welcome]

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Happy birthday to ME!
And everyone else born TODAY!
Happy birthday to All Of Uuuuuus!
Happy birthday to ME!

In the Netherlands, if it’s your birthday, you bring a cake to work to share with everyone. It’s kind of nice – to encourage others to celebrate your day by bribing them with cake – I’m doing the same, but also a couple of friends (we’re allowed to have three! whole! people over as long as we maintain the 1.5 metre rule) are each bringing cake as well, cause #CAKE

My cake to YOU, Warriors, is to share how I tripled my income.

This is not a guarantee or a guide for tripling YOUR income, although, I’m super keen to hear about your thoughts / experience / criticisms as well. It’d be cool if we could put together a guide for career growth from this.

At least in this specific instance.

But first the news:

First, it’s important for context to read the original post here on GroningenRain.nl “Workin’ NINE to FIVE. What A Way To Make A Livin’!” – if you’ve already read it or don’t want context, feel free to skip to the jump.

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Dutch Lock Down Day Fifty Three

Alternative Title: So Long Farewell Auf Wiedersehen Goodbye

Just in case you don’t know the reference because you haven’t seen The Sound of Music or don’t remember the iconic scene where the von Trapp kids sing their way out of a party in joy or out of a scary situation in stress, here’s the happier bit:

Also, if you haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend the whole thing – simply brilliant. I’m normally a sci fi person myself, but it’s just SO iconic and there are just SO MANY beautiful scenes and songs.

Yes, I’m totally procrastinating.

Yes, I’ll get to the point shortly.

But first the news:

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FYI – A Is The Oldest Child

Photo by Phil Desforges on Unsplash

I’m sitting at a cafe across the street from a physical therapist here in Haren and I completely forgot the doctor’s referral that I need to make an appointment for the tension headaches.

At home. Again.

The extra clothes that belong to A’s after school program that need to be returned have been sitting, clean and folded, by the back door for literally weeks. I remember to return them before school (when they’re closed) and when it’s time to pick him up, I forget them there.

Every. Single. Day.

I’d like to write every single day and yet I haven’t thought about what that’ll look like logistically within the current rituals that happen on a daily basis, rain or shine.


There are always ‘puzzles’ and looming #ToDos on the horizon wearing us down and sticking in the back of the brain and it all boils down to not prioritizing it.

Or a lack of focus.

Or something.

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There are Many Paths – This is Just One

Photo by Caleb Jones on Unsplash

When choosing to respond to events, both negative or positive, because, yes, it’s a choice – we are not animals driven by instinct, but people with intellect and experience and #CHOICES – when that moment comes, you have infinite choices.

Perhaps, yes, you can let emotions drive, resulting in variable reactions and while, yes, I have no idea where this is coming from, maybe I’m reading too much of a particularly verbose author who writes with the long words and says not much at all.

I recently had some bad news.


And I could’ve let it drive me down. It hurt. It was heartbreaking, really, from one of the sources, that I well and truly would’ve LOVED to work for and with – yes, I’m talking about interviews and opportunities and new horizons – but it wasn’t meant to be.

We’ve opted to go in another direction.


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