Dutch Lock Down Day Nine


I’m gonna lose count eventually but today is not that day!


I TOTALLY had to pull up the last post to see what today’s title is cause that’s where we are now. I’m only surprised it took nine days and not, say, three.

Narrator: it totally just took three days.


Today I did only two things.

  1. I went grocery shopping.
  2. I finished a jungle gym swing set thing.
  3. I managed expectations at work.

Nothing else matters.

The local grocery store has a hand washing station set up outside the front doors. Which you are required to use before entering the store.

Which I did not use because I got there so early and the store employees weren’t actually ready to welcome people into the store.


I didn’t have to use because the one store employee who saw me took one look at my mask and gloves and mohawk hat and didn’t want none.

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There are Many Paths – This is Just One

Photo by Caleb Jones on Unsplash

When choosing to respond to events, both negative or positive, because, yes, it’s a choice – we are not animals driven by instinct, but people with intellect and experience and #CHOICES – when that moment comes, you have infinite choices.

Perhaps, yes, you can let emotions drive, resulting in variable reactions and while, yes, I have no idea where this is coming from, maybe I’m reading too much of a particularly verbose author who writes with the long words and says not much at all.

I recently had some bad news.


And I could’ve let it drive me down. It hurt. It was heartbreaking, really, from one of the sources, that I well and truly would’ve LOVED to work for and with – yes, I’m talking about interviews and opportunities and new horizons – but it wasn’t meant to be.

We’ve opted to go in another direction.


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Let’s Talk About Diversity Scholarships at DevConf.US

MacBook on woman's lap
Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

Two posts in one day WHAT!

This email came to my attention just this morning and the deadline is TODAY so it’s getting posted ASAP.

And YUP that means Two Posts On One Day WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE PEOPLE

DevConf.US is a free conference in Boston, MA on August 15-17.

It is organized by Red Hat’s Engineering and dedicated to open source technologies. The conference has the following tracks: Application Development & Containerization, Building & Running Cloud Infrastructure, Ensuring Software Quality, Machine Learning & Privacy & Big Data, Serverless, Open Source & Process, Systems Engineering & Hardware, and User Experience in Open Source.

You can learn more about the conference at https://devconf.info/us and see the schedule from last year at https://devconfus2018.sched.com

In an effort to create a more DIVERSE and INCLUSIVE event, the conference is offering diversity scholarships that cover travel-related expenses for attendees from the U.S. or Canada who do not work at Red Hat and who are students or are relatively new or returning to full-time work in technology.

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Passing The Torch Without Dropping The Ball

A replacement plan is a great resource, even when you’re not being replaced.

A year ago, as the role of OpenStack community manager at Red Hat was moving from one person to another, we started thinking about what needs to be in place to effectively transition a role. More generally, we started thinking about planning, and documenting, for your eventual replacement.

We’ll talk about what worked, what didn’t, and what had unexpected benefits for the larger community.

This presentation helps existing and new community managers take a hard look at their roles within their projects to delegate tasks, encourage future advocates, and facilitate the evolution of their community role.

That is the abstract from DevRelCon London 2018 – and I’m totally SQUEE that it was recorded / transcribed / published in this month’s DevRel Newsletter.

Here are my absolute favorite quotes along with some of my fav images used during the actual talk.

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I Have An Office!

This post is going to be super first world and come from a place of massive privilege – I recognize that I’m in an amazing place to be able to talk about owning a house and selling it and buying another one and setting up my own office at home. That it’s amazing to have a job, to have a remote job, to have a well paying remote job with an amazing company like Red Hat. All that. This post is entirely about bragging about my new home office. And while I feel incredibly proud of how hard we’ve worked to get where we are today, I also realize how very much this is because we appear white and straight and well functioning and normal and this is very much an advantage we have in the world.

That said.

I have my very own home office.

Separate from my own home.

When we found out we were pregnant with twins, among the plethora of stressors was that we’d need to remodel our house extensively to make it work once said twins were old enough to want their own spaces. This is YEARS in the future, but it was still right there with all the other OMG things that were dancing through my DOUBLY hormonal brain.

And instead of taking a deep breath and Putting It Aside we put our house on the market, found a new house, packed, moved, and had babies.

No big deal.

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