Have You Packed Yet?

[COVID Day Five Hundred Sixty Nine]


It’s fascinating to me how when I’m procrastinating doing one thing, I will do SO MANY OTHER THINGS.

That I have been procrastinating.

For example, today is supposed to be packing and getting ready for tomorrow’s FIRST WORK TRIP IN TWENTY MONTHS I’M NOT FREAKING OUT YOU’RE FREAKING OUT.


Instead, I’ve assembled the gaming table in the basement. And done dishes and laundry and helped a child sit on the potty cause we’re toilet training and peeing in the pants a million times still means we have to sit on the potty again, yes, this time, yes, right now, stop getting up.

And they pee’d in their pants again.

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Escape Room: Davy Jones’ Locker

[COVID Day Five Hundred Sixty Eight]

I did the second! Ever! Escape! Room! Stream! From AMERICA! Tonight!

I’m just as excited as you are.


A 90 min escape room in a box. This is an interactive box with various puzzles, which have to be solved one after the other to open the box.

In other words, this is an Escape Room in a handy format!

There is nothing based on randomness, but only on logical decisions.

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Wait, what?

[COVID Day Five Hundred Sixty Four]

Last night as I was falling asleep, I was coughing, like ya do, and instead of chilling out as I fell asleep, it just kept getting worse.

Until I threw up.

A lot.

“Ah, okay, sicker then I thought.”


Except now I’m working in America where you cannot take sick leave every other week and I have a couple of shows coming up that involve flying on a plane that requires you to confirm and declare that you do not have any COVID symptoms and how much of this is just psychosomatic anyway?

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You’ve Been BOO-ED!

[COVID Day Five Hundred Sixty Two]

This is one of the very first oh so American activities I totally signed First Minion up for as soon as the sign up sheet went round – during the month of October, kids in each grade get a surprise Halloween bucket full of treats – and since I signed up so quickly, we were one of the first.

I think I got more joy out of it than First Minion.

And the twins.

“I wish you a great Halloween full of fun, mystery, and excitement.
From a fellow Bingham Farms 1st Grader!”

Instructions are as follows:

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