Moving Back to the States: The Last Sunday

[Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Ninety Nine]

We are officially under contract for another house.
A house that doesn’t look like a castle.
A house that doesn’t flood.

A house that I absolutely adore.

But first the news:

To soften the blow of leaving the Netherlands, we rented a professional massive bouncy house for the day.

It’s going just as well as you’d expect.

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Moving Back to the States: A “Real” Update

[Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Ninety Seven]

This week friends and neighbors have been picking things up.

The house feels emptier, but it feels GOOD to let things go.

Today we dove into contract with another house in the United States. Hoping it’ll close by end of August so we can enroll First Minion before the first day of school.

Also today, we enrolled the twins in daycare.

Tomorrow we sell our car.

And Then A Fire

[Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Ninety Three]

Except not.

It’s actually Tuesday because I flew in yesterday to the Netherlands and took a shower and then slept until this morning at three.

Holy hell.

It’s really hard to focus. Of course. But let’s try to get this story out, shall we?

The plane landed yesterday and passport control no longer cares if you are an EU resident or not, everyone goes through the same line, thus it took close to an hour to get my bag, buy a train ticket, and make my way to the train platform.

Which was blocked by several police officers.

I was too tired to speak Dutch, “What’s going on?”

“Can’t you tell?”

ASIDE : if you ask a question in English and you get an unhelpful question in return, this is typically, “I don’t feel comfortable talking in English and would like to shut this conversation down as quickly as possible.”

I look past the police into the platform and see three fire fighters coming up the ramp.

“Of course.”

SECOND ASIDE : I’d like to have all the writers for this show fired, please.

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