[Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Forty Four]

I was recovering from the Janssen shot, P was sick with #NotCOVID and the kids were energetic, joyful, and a bit aggressive.

And we started packing.



[Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Thirty Five]

A friend reached out the other day, “Hey, you still managing? Haven’t seen a blog post in a bit. Not that I cyber stalk you or anything.”

And they’re right.

I’m not okay.

This whole OMG WE’RE MOVING TO AMERICA IN AUGUST thing is really running me over.

Yes, I’m excited.

I’m also stressed.

And I’m also well and truly going to miss all my friends here in the Netherlands / Europe / this side of the pond.

Plus now we have minions.

But first the news:

If I stop blogging daily it really is because I’m starting to crash. The only difference is that now I have a new job, too. And also the moving thing. So, yeah, it could entirely be because it’s super busy, too. But one of the things that I’ve switched around a bit was when and where I blog.

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I’m Kinda Scared To Post This, If I’m Honest

[Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Twenty Eight]

Photo by Amy Reed on Unsplash

This week has been…. fine.

I’m fine.

The kids are fine. Mostly.

The house has not burned down.

I’m just as shocked as you are.

But first the news:

It even seems that I’ve become MORE productive as a solo parent than with my partner in town. Probably because neither of us is waiting on the other to Take Care Of Things ™.

Or maybe it’s because I Have To ™.

Either way, things are going well.

And Papa returns home on Monday.

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[Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Twenty One]

I know I know – so so sorry.


It’s a really intense time over here in #LeanderLand these days.

And, yeah, still not time for the big reveal, but in the midst of all the chaos, my partner is flying to the States for work. For a week. Starting Tuesday.

But first the news:


No, but seriously.

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Yes, I’m Listening, Leander

[Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Seven]

Photo by Alison Wang on Unsplash

I have a mild headache almost every day. I’m scratching off my nail polish quite often. And then repainting it. Zits are breaking out all over. Sleep is terrible.

And, yeah, I’m Super Crankypants McGee.

I might be a BIT stressed.

But first the news:

This weekend promises to be lacking in the chillaxing department, but it IS the weekend, so I’ll do my best to go for walks and code a bit.

But mostly, it’ll be All About The Minions.

ASIDE: Now that the twins have discovered The Minions movie and want to watch it all day every day, my affectionate tag for the kids is no longer adorable, but grating. Except when they run up to me and say, “Bello!” just like the Minions and then it’s just freaking adorable. So the name sticks for now, but it’s definitely On Thin Ice.

ANOTHER ASIDE: First Minion just saw that I opened a link to The Minions movie (to make that previous ASIDE link) and asked why I was looking at the Minions movie. Why am I writing about them? Am I doing a YouTube about the Minions? Why am I writing a blog post about them? “Cause the twins and you are watching it so much.” #QuestionsDodged

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