SheSharp Community Day

[Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Seven]

I am super excited to tell my coding story at SheSharp’s upcoming First! Ever! Community Day!! !

By sharing my experience, I hope to inspire others to dive into and embrace their own coding adventures.


I’m also going to talk a bit about negotiating compensation.

And I can’t wait!

See you THIS Friday, 22 January, at 1500 Central European Time.

But first the news:

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Contributing.Today Meetup : Open Source Mental Health

[Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred]


At 2000 GMT+1!

Streaming via Contributing.Today!

I’m super chuffed to join a panel at the meetup on mental health in open source with the amazing Tierney Cyren (@bitandbang, he/they), OSS Engineering + Developer Advocacy at Microsoft and the awesome PJ Hagerty (@aspleenic, he/him), founder DevRelate, Senior Developer Advocate Mattermost, initiator – an initiative “to start a conversation about mental health in tech”.

Our kickass moderator is the venerable Floor Drees (@FloorDrees, she/her), Community Advocacy Program Manager at Microsoft.

But first the news: brings together the communities we work with to get them excited about contributing to Open Source software or finds new communities and projects to work on.

One of the ways they do this is by this non-affiliated meetup series in the weeks leading up to FOSDEM 2021 with interviews, panels, presentations, and, of course, all things contributing.

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How Is It Only Wednesday?!?

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Seventy Two]

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Yes, I’m totally writing this from the future – it’s actually THURSDAY but I forgot to write yesterday and so I’m writing TWO posts in ONE day and it’s absolutely SHITE.

Well, no, not really, but it IS a LOT.

But first the news:

In the meantime, it’s ACTUALLY Thursday and today was last day of work FOR THE YEAR and how am I supposed to FOCUS and write TWO WHOLE BLOG POSTS today?!?

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Wanna See The Skellington?

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Twenty Five]

Yesterday I spoke at Software Circus dressed as a skeleton and today, well, I’m a rock star.

My hair is still floofed / spiked and that black make up around my eyes ain’t goin’ NOWHERE.

Wanna see?

But first the news:

Quick quick, like a white fluffy bunny, go check out ze pictures!

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I Totally Get Paid To Be A Skellington Today

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Twenty Four]

I’m ludicrously chuffed to speak at Software Circus today, although, I’ll admit, even if I weren’t speaking, I’d still dress up to watch.

Cause #CostumeContest

And while I already wrote about this in New Mic Who DIS I completely forgot to add an actual link to the conference.

But first the news:


A (Scary) Cloud Native Virtual Festival
29th October, 2020

In the Clouds no one can hear you scream…
Back in May we followed the White Rabbit and reached the clouds of Wonderland… But it looks like our bunny has other plans this time 

Join the Software Circus spirits on a journey through your worst cloud native nightmares, wear your spookiest costume and learn how to bring your projects back from the dead!

All nightmares will be live and available for free! Register HERE

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