I’m Oke. Tired But Oke.

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Nineteen]

I’m stable, but lashing out.

Not ideal, but getting there.

I’m oke.

But first the news:

It feels good to report a solid step forward.

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COVID Test Result Is Negative

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Eighteen]

Alternative Title: How to Return Your Under Four Year Olds to Daycare Once They’ve Been Kicked Out Because of the COVID Rules

For those of you who have been following along at home, the result of my covid test on Tuesday is negative. The twins got to see their doctor this morning. And, miraculously, the daycare had room for them.

The twins are back at daycare.

But first the news:

So let’s review the full adventure, shall we?

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COVID 19 Test Result Twenty Four Hours Later

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Seventeen]

“You were tested on 20 October 2020. We don’t have the result of your test yet. You will receive an email or telephone call when we get your result.”


Yeah, I wanna know, too.

But first the news:

. . .

. .


What a wonderful opportunity to practice patience.

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Oke, But, Srsly, OW

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Sixteen]

Photo by Jerry Wang on Unsplash

I took the COVID19 test just now.

Let’s talk about how much my nose hurts now.

And how awesome the Dutch testing system has gotten.

But first the news:

The testing center I went to this afternoon is outside of the Groningen city center and accommodates car parking as well as the typical bike / scooter / motorcycle parking. AND it’s FREE.

You queue up in front, 1.5 metres apart, even in the rain, and while the line looks a bit daunting initially, it goes FAST. Just outside of the entrance are instructions, in Dutch, to maintain the 1.5 metres, use hand sanitizer and wear a face mask.

Just inside the door is a massive vat of hand sanitizer with more Dutch instructions to use the hand sanitizer. In case you missed the previous instructions, I suppose?

And 1.5 metres from there are free face masks with Dutch instructions to put one on, if you don’t have one on already.

THEN instructions in Dutch and English, “Have you sanitized your hands? Put on your face mask? Get in line and maintain 1.5 metres.”

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Oh, Hey, I’m Getting the COVID Test Tomorrow

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Fifteen]


The twins have had a cough for ten days. And a runny nose.

Nothing else.

But first the news:

But that’s the rule – if you have two (or more) of the coronavirus symptoms, then you have to go home until you’re symptom free for twenty four hours.

The twins were sent home last Monday.

They’ve had normal temperatures, no throat pain, no trouble breathing and zomg SO MUCH energy this whole week.

They’re fine.

And how do I know they’re fine?

Because I have whatever they have.

Phlegm, coughing and sporadic sneezes.

And I’m … fine.


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