Forty Two!

[Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Seventy Nine]

This week’s interview total is eleven bringing the grand total over the past three weeks up to forty two interviews.

Considering I took two entire days off of interviewing, I’m rather impressed with this week’s numbers.

Also, I’m super tired.

But first the news:

Next week I also have eleven interviews already scheduled with four different companies, but I’m also expecting to hear from two more companies eminently.

But this weekend?

This weekend I’m totally going to get a towel to celebrate forty two interviews. And focus on creating a magical time for a pair of minions who still totally believe in the Easter Bunny and First Minion who totally does not, it’s our parents, there is no Easter Bunny, my friend told me so.

And remember that after all this I still have two to three weeks staycation in my future.

You can do this, Leander!

I hope you’re doing well, Warriors.

If you see me running around like a chicken with my head cut off over the next week or two, please remind me to breathe.

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Sometimes You Just Go Blank

[Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Seventy Eight]

Photo by 青 晨 on Unsplash

Sometimes you do really well and sometimes you don’t.

Sometimes you know the answers and sometimes you don’t.

And sometimes your brain freaks out after a long day and just goes blank.

Like just now.


But first the news:

And then you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try try again. You can fall down infinite times as long as you get back up.

So I’m getting back up.


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Happy Trans Day of Visibility!! !

[Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Seventy Seven]

Tell your favourite trans people you see them.

We love that.

In the interest of full disclosure, yes, I identify as a bi-sexual non-binary trans feminine queer person; my pronouns are they / them.

I’m trans.

See me.

But first the news:

Today is International Transgender Day of Visibility – an annual event occurring on March 31[1][2] dedicated to celebrating transgender people and raising awareness of discrimination faced by transgender people worldwide, as well as a celebration of their contributions to society. The day was founded by US-based transgender activist[3] Rachel Crandall of Michigan in 2009[4] as a reaction to the lack of LGBT recognition of transgender people, citing the frustration that the only well-known transgender-centered day was the Transgender Day of Remembrance, which mourned the murders of transgender people, but did not acknowledge and celebrate living members of the transgender community.


To celebrate, I joined Equinix’s internal Trans Day of Visibility celebration to speak on a panel and answer a few questions.

And then there were time changes.

And confusion.

And I couldn’t participate.

So I cried.

And cried.

And cried.

And then pulled myself together and picked up the kids and fed them supper and ate some food and drank soda and self cared and got the twins into bed and self cared and got First Minion into bed and now I’m doing oke.

These past three weeks have been incredibly intense.

And I haven’t let up in the least.

So when something mildly disappointing happens, even as gentle as a perceived rejection or social slight, it’s more upsetting than “normal”. Thankfully, I know how to take care of myself and I AM taking care of myself and taking care of kids sometimes helps a bit.

Picking up at the end of their day, for example, they are SO HAPPY to see me.

To come home.

Which is absolutely wonderful.

So I’m going to go to bed now and hopefully process this lightly and put it away until I’m solidly under employment again and can unpack these things with time and compassion.

And visibility.

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Cancelled Due To a Migraine

[Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Seventy Three]

Totally planned on doing UNLOCK!’s Around The World in 80 Minutes escape room tonight, but a migraine showed up and punched me in the brain meat instead.

I’d rather be gaming.

But first the news:

I finally started streaming again this week – this past Wednesday – which was a bit of a trigger because immediately after streaming two weeks ago, I was laid off.

Also, I’ve been cut off from the Equinix Metal Streamyard account, so I streamed as myself.

With minimal branding.

It was very weird.

But also very good – because now streaming isn’t a trigger anymore.

Actually, I really liked it.

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