Navigating the Rush Hour

Back in the States, ‘rush hour’ refers to one of my favourite Jackie Chan movies as well as the hell that is a morning and evening commute to and from work made only slightly less miserable by the sweet soothing sounds of NPR while here in the Netherlands, rush hour TRAFFIC is so lame that you’re never actually STOPPED on the highway AT ALL.

Even if there’s a giant flaming bus by the side of the road and all cars are diverted to side roads.

Strangely specific example is strangely specific.

And also?

Los Angeles California and Atlanta Georgia COMPETE for Worse Traffic In The States and not only did I used to live and WORK in Atlanta, but I once had to change a flat tire on a Dodge Dakota Club Cab on the bottom highway of Spaghetti Junction DURING RUSH HOUR.

But in the Netherlands?

Rush hour ALSO refers to the chaos of the morning and the evening that exists when One Has Children.

And YESSSSS it is Exactly That Bad.

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Do I Hear TWO?!?

Yesterday I took a day off and that’s just fine cause #whynot but today I was back on. And not only was I back on, but it was Father’s Day today and so a couple of weeks ago I picked out a present “from the twins” and went shopping with PROS.alpha and today *GASP* let him sleep in as late as he liked.

Which was eight.

Cause we’re used to getting up at six or five or four.

Or three.

Makes you want to have a couple of kids of your own, doesn’t it just.

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Adventures In Pregnancy: The Pea Pods

Still disturbed by the edibles.

Apparently they’re approximately the length of a pea pod at thirteen weeks.

Plus we received more information and I COMPLETELY LOST MY MIND.

There was howling. There was vomiting. There was much snot.

And there was a difficult talk between P and I that Really Needed To Happen ™ and based on how much better I felt the next day, I needed that crying vomitous release and / or that difficult talk.

I still feel Really Intense. Terrified. Worried. But Better.

Okay, so getting specific.

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Adventures In Pregnancy: The Limes

We’re in shock.

But also ecstatic.

I’m in a very odd place because, yes, Pontus and I had a long conversation about how many children years ago – TWO – because he had a miserable time as the middle child.

And while I would’ve been fine with one, Pontus felt strongly that siblings were vital.

And once I had Sasha, I wanted another one immediately.

So Two!

But when I was a child and I imagined having children, I imagined that I wanted to have one pregnancy with twins – a boy and a girl.

It was a very specific idea and one completely not based in reality because twins don’t run in our family at all.

So when I found out we are pregnant with TWINS.


Let me take you to the exact moment.

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This Is The Weirdest Walk Down Memory Lane EVAR

what is even happening right now.

we’re having twins.



also i totally replied to an email:

You just HAPPEN to write when our family has the biggest news EVAR, hrm? There must be a psychic connection. Or you’ve hacked my web cams. Obviously both.

So we found out today that we’re having TWINS.

Here’s the oddity.

The doctors told me that I couldn’t have kids. That our firstborn was a miracle baby. So finding out we were pregnant was AMAZING.

And today we had our first sonogram and there aren’t just one, but TWO.

It’s only eleven weeks, but HOLY FUCK.

So I’m freaked. And overjoyed. And ecstatic. And terrified.

It also explains why the nausea has been so intense. No big deal.

I’m pleased to hear things are going well for you, too. Nothing remarkable also means nothing bad is happening – which is a plus. I hope the trend maintains with beautiful bursts of joy. < -- this might be the pregnancy hormones getting all poetic n shit. r.

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