Dutch Lock Down Day Twenty

Photo by Fiona Smallwood 
on Unsplash

Day twenty?

Day. TWENTY?!?



Either I’m adjusting to the new normalcy OR I have lost my mind.

Those are the only two options.

Also, it’s very difficult to write when you’re also watching Community having never watched Community. Since Community arrived on Netflix in the Netherlands.

If only Schitt’s Creek would get over here.


It’s a Saturday night.


While I had a really great day today, it’s dark and late and the brain is spiraling downward and so I better wrap this up and tuck myself into bed before the ruminations get really special.

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Dutch Lock Down Day Nineteen

Alternative Title: Last Night I Didn’t Get to Sleep At All

I mean, DUH, cause I slept for so long yesterday.


Totally still going to drink that cup of English Breakfast tea tonight right before I go to bed. Even though I had another nap this afternoon.

So I could’ve fucked up my sleep again.


But first the news:

Exhaustion is part of the new normal.

But, I think, the key is knowing #WHY

Is it because of depression?

Is it because of a lack of privacy?

Is it because you haven’t gone outside yet?

Is it because of a lack of sleep?

Do you need a chocolate chip cookie?

A hug?

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Dutch Lock Down Day Eighteen

Photo by Rubén Rodriguez 
on Unsplash

I was this many years old when I realized WHY fiction and games and shows and such are so fascinating right now.

For the same reason why the sun is brighter and warmer when we go outside. And the same reason why things aren’t just funny, but fucking hilarious. And why sleep is exquisite.

Reality sucks.

The silver linings are utterly precious and when we come across one, we stare at it, making it bigger than perhaps it is, because We Have To ™.

That’s the new reality.

But first the news:

I’m better today.

WAY better.

No thanks to sleep last night.

Writing all that stuff yesterday kept me up all night with ruminations, but instead of going to work this morning, I helped get the kids out of bed and outside and, as soon as I could, I went back to bed.

Not the sleep of depression.

But the sleep of the sleep deprived.

And it was glorious.

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Dutch Lock Down Day Seventeen

Photo by marcos mayer 
on Unsplash

At least I don’t have to think of a new title every day #AMIRITE

Also FUCK YOU, April Fools’.

I mean, what gives you the right to come along in the middle of this pandemic?!? #NotCool

And also happy birthday, A!

I know, I’m all over the place.


But first, the news:

This was one of the news items yesterday, but then I shied away from explicitly writing it out because my brain ran away screaming, the Netherlands is officially extending the ‘intelligent lockdown’ until 28 April which means schools will be closed until May because that’s when the spring vacation starts.

I don’t know why that last part is important, but because of how A’s school works, he’s not headed back to school until 11 May.

But, let’s be real, Warriors, he’s not going back to school this year.

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Dutch Lock Down Day Sixteen

Alternative Title: ‘I Want To Go To School’

Seriously, that’s how we woke up this morning. With the oldest whining that he wants to go to school this morning.

That’s. Where. We. Are.

But first, the news:

There are little signs here and there that I’m cracking up. I started drinking coca-cola instead of sprite. I’m eating candy bars like they’re, well, candy. And when I wake up in the night, I can’t easily go back to sleep.

Cause #rumination

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