Adventures in Pregnancy: The Butternut Squashes



It took two appointments over two weeks to confirm she’s back on track for growth and that she’s getting plenty of flow.

I was so relieved, I came home from the hospital and fell asleep right on the couch.

Symptoms of twenty-nine weeks include nausea, insomnia due to a massive belly and lots of twin activity, horrible hips, and incredible productivity.

Totally. Still. Puking.

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Adventures in Pregnancy: The Eggplants

Symptoms: higher energy, pregnancy brain, massiveness, nausea, less painful hips, insomnia, frequent strong activity, and hic’ups.

Totally still puking, but not like I used to – “only” throwing up in the back of my throat without the “normal” morning vomit.

For the most part, since last Tuesday, I feel pretty damn good.

Then I’ll do something like bike nearby and when I get off the bike or stop at a light, my hips HOWL IN PROTEST.

Fucking hips.

There are two factors that really bother me about my reactions last week. Oh, you haven’t heard? Go read.

I’ll wait.

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Adventures in Pregnancy: The Cauliflowers

Symptoms: lots of crying, nausea, anger, BIGness, and hips that don’t lie so much as scream at me when I do things like ride a bike or walk too much or sleep or exist.

There were three whole days of not puking.

But, THEN.

Yesterday morning I had a regular control appointment with the gynecologist, but it was set up to be difficult from the start.


P didn’t know about it. I overslept and was running late. Underlying anger issues due to pregnancy meant this was an UTTER DISASTER.

I literally went into the appointment crying.

And, of course, when you go into an appointment already upset and In The Wrong Frame Of Mind ™, you’re guaranteed to receive The Worst News ™.

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Adventures in Pregnancy: The Red Cabbages

Symptoms of the Week: Constipation (cause you should always mention the poop FIRST – sets the tone #amirite), nausea, dizziness, CRYING, constant exhaustion, tension, anger, STRETCH MARKS, painful hips, and a persistent feeling of HUGENESS.

Yuppers, totally still puking.

The awesomeness of this week is that I FEEL big now. For a few days now, it feels like I’m wearing a corset all the time. And I often realize that I’ve been sitting with my ENTIRE core engaged.

I breathe.

And relax.

It helps a bit.

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Adventures in Pregnancy: The Rutabagas

Symptoms are pretty much the same as last week except the hips have become slightly more manageable.

Also, yes, still puking.

It’s awesome.

For the first time in this pregnancy, I feel BIG. Sure, my rings are still loose enough and I don’t have a double chin (yet) or stretch marks (yet) but I have GIRTH.

And I’m okay with that.

I mean, as much as one can be okay with that.

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Adventures in Pregnancy: The Ears of Corn

Symptoms: Dizziness, low energy, whack focus, holy good god PAINFUL hips, underlying constant angry attitude and nausea.

Yuppers, totally still puking.

Makes you wanna run out and get pregnant now now NOW. #AMIRITE

We’re buying a house. (And selling a house, wanna move to Groningen?) And having twins and thus we’re getting officially official life insurance. Except in the Netherlands, they call a Spade a Spade and it’s actually called….

DEATH Insurance.

Doesn’t that put a seriousness on it?

Doesn’t it JUST.

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Adventures in Pregnancy: The Spaghetti Squashes

I know, I know, I’ve been gone forevers.

And a day.

I’d gotten into this self preservation habit of just taking care of myself which included not posting / hiding under a rock / sleeping a bit more than pregnancy requires bordering on depressiveness, but I kept posting these weekly pictures of the bump and hoped it would be enough.

Thankfully, many of you kept reaching under the rock and asking how I was doing.

Thank you.

So let’s get you caught up, shall we?

“No, there is too much. Let me sum up.”

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Adventures in Pregnancy : The Glass Apples

Today is a marvelous one because P and I have been married fifteen years. And the twins are fifteen weeks.

Is this serendipity?

What does serendipity mean?

Please hold.

*looks it up*

Eh. Close enough.

The traditional gift for fifteen years (holy shit, fifteen years!) is crystal. But we’re having twins, people; we need to start acting like it and STOP SPENDING MONEY.

That scolding was more for me than P.

Okay, entirely for me.

But the modern gift is glass. And since the twins are at fifteen weeks which is, apparently, apple sized, Glass Apples.

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Please Be Healthy Please Be Fine

I will update this post as more information arrives. Timestamps are military UTC+2.

0900 : Woke up. Set the ringer on the phone to loud. Puked in the shower. Ate a bagel and cream cheese. Helped PROS.alpha get to daycare. Read.

1045 : Went to POP Poli Clinic Psychiatrist appointment. Cried a bit. She told me I seem much stronger than two years ago when she saw me last.

1145 : Ate P’s lunch.

1245 : Still waiting for results from Tuesday.

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