Rest in Peace, Cleo

IMG_2490I was carrying a load of clothes back from the laundromat when two little kittens walked boldly up to me demanding attention and love and fish. I remember scooping them up immediately and sneaking into our TLF – even though no pets were allowed.

My sister adopted Ms. Piggy immediately and I claimed Confucius as my own. At the vet’s office they received shots and new names – Ms Piggy was the boy and became Ralph. Confucius was a girl, and thus, became Cleo.


She lived in three states in the United States and one stad in the Netherlands. She started each day with demands for fresh water and ended each day with demands for cuddles.


She licked everyone. She purred easily. She moved like a cat half her age. She’d let Zoe bully her until she was done and then she’d kick her ass. Zoe always lost the fights when Cleo had enough.


Cleo always comforted me when I was upset and today was no different. When we got the test results, I burst into tears and she curled up in my lap and purred – one paw around my wrist. I wish she was here to comfort me now.

I love you, Old Lady Complains.

Sweet dreams, Cleo.


Kermis the Frog

295698_356601701117370_1666523173_nI really must learn to make these myself and I’m sure it’s something quite simple like:

1. melt chocolate
2. dip cold fruit in chocolate
3. resist eating fruit until chocolate can harden
4. eat chocolate covered fruit

As it is, I met a friend at the carnival to ride OUR ride – a spinny rollercoaster thing – and then, of course, we MUST have chocolate covered fruit because chocolate covered fruit.


But the American in me giggles everytime I talk about about the carnival. Kermis in Dutch. Which triggers kermis the frog. Which triggers It’s not easy being green. Which is very odd to think about while screaming as the coaster drops and spins and rushes about.