Cheat to Win

cake-727854_960_720Okay, so let’s catch up.

A recap. Review. Restatement of facts. Redundantly. Repeatedly. Again.

  • Stay up late talking – SO MUCH TO CATCH UP ON.
  • Visit friends and family and eat amazing food and drink ALL THE WINE.
  • Eat cake. Lots and lots of cake.
  • Go to Ariel Stretch class together cause torture is good for the soul.
  • Do an escape room cause DUH. Hopefully we get out. Hopefully we don’t kill each other in the process. Hopefully our friendship survives.
  • Do something spa like. Probably a massage. Cause MASSAGE.
  • Cracker Barrel. Cause tradition. And pancakes. Real American Pancakes. With all the butter.

Those were the goals, but what have we done so far?


We pretty much stayed up late talking immediately. And haven’t stopped since. Except when we did cause sometimes we do. Jacque and I enjoy our silent times together as much as we enjoy the talks and it’s one of the reasons our friendship has withstood the test of time and distance and so many travels together just the two of us. And also because we both have moments when we want alone time, but we can totally do that when the other one is in the room and just zone out.

It’s an Introvert Thing.

We also visited family and friends and ate all the amazing food and drank all the wine cause we went to a mini Porter Family reunion in Baltimore and followed it up with an Old School Gamers reunion and followed it up with crab cakes and awesomeness back at Casa de Leander Rowcliffe. I love that so much of our family is all right here in Virginia / Maryland – I miss so many more of our family and close friends in other states, but it’s nice to have a mini concentration right here. And Jacque counts as one of those family members.

Speaking of family, there was chocolate caramel cake baked by my very own uncle at the mini Porter Family reunion and it was EPIC. I know he’s my uncle because he bakes with chocolate and even has MASSIVE JARS of cocoa powder and chocolate chips ready to go. I want to be like my uncle when I grow up.

The ariel stretch class was more scary imagining what it would be like than the class actually was – the very first thing she taught us was how to hang up-side-down in a little ball and it was PURE HEAVEN. And then we basically had the gentlest most marvelous beginner’s stretch / yoga / ariel class ever. If you find yourself in St. Michael’s on a Sunday, get yer happy butt over to The Studio and make a reservation in advance, cause they were BOOKED SOLID. And I totally UNDERSTAND WHY.


And as for the Escape Room Action, we did three of them. THREE. OF. THEM. And had so much fun that it deserves its own post. Which will most likely be tomorrow. Or the next day. And also we’re going back to do the fourth room tomorrow. Maybe. If we have time.

We’ll totally make time.

(Our friendship survived.)

Still to come. Later today. Tomorrow. Someday.

Massages so totally didn’t happen cause booking didn’t happen until last night and everywhere was super booked or closed cause of the long weekend here in the States. Sad for us. But I’m sure the opportunity will happen in the future. Someday.

Also, Cracker Barrel is going to be On The Way to the Airport because there isn’t actually one in the area plus I totally count those Real! American! Pancakes! as another ‘cake’ thing cause they’re so damn fluffy, it’s ridiculous. Plus berry compote.

*drools* “Mmmm, berry compote.”

Plus I’m also a bit sad that Jacque heads back home today. And I’m worried that it’s going to cause a dip. Which sucks. So I’m figuring out my plan for after she leaves NOW. We’re going to pack the day with so much fun that we don’t have time to think about it.

Cracker Barrel and escape room and laughter, Oh MY!


But also, I’m going to drop her off at the airport and zoom home in time to put the AI into sleep mode so the shot of adorables will counter the expected shot of BLAH that comes from saying good bye.

Also, sugar. Starbucks cafe mocha and a cake pop on the way back to the car to start. Chocolate after dinner. The sneaky little tricks cause all is fair in love and mental illness.

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