Courtney’s Kitchen and Cat Cafe: A PURRfect Combination

catcafe3I can’t believe Cat Cafe Op z’n Kop (upside down cup) is ONLY The Netherlands’ SECOND cafe with #ALLTHECATS.

EIGHT, to be exact.

They opened with ONLY six catlings but as recently as last week adopted two kittens. Dotje (little dot!) is already comfortable and out front, frolicking with customers and wrecking havoc with the mature furry friends while Minouschka is getting used to things in their private back room.


I might be one of their regulars.

Because in addition to all the adorableness, they serve incredible tea and Courtney’s Kitchen’s original oreo brownies, seven layer bars, and red velvet bars.


Unfortunate for my waist line, Op z’n Kop is open every. single. day.

See you there!

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  1. There is definitely no running over here, just long long walks. But agreed, with exercise and moderation, all cake is possible.

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