Dear RDO Enthusiast

Remember that post from over a month ago?

Yes, I’d forgotten, too.


It’s happened.

You’re looking at the brand new officially official…


TripleO RDO Community Liaison!

Rich, the RDO Community Liaison, sent out the official email YESTERDAY:

Rich Bowen has been serving in the role of RDO Community Liaison for the last 4 years. In that capacity, he’s done a variety of things for the community, including event coordination, social media, podcasts and videos, managing the website, and so on.

Starting next week, this role is going to include Rain Leander as TripleO Community Liaison. Rain has been working with the RDO community, and, more generally, with Red Hat’s upstream OpenStack development efforts, for the past 18 months. She’s helped out at a number of events, including two OpenStack Summits, numerous OpenStack Days and Meetups. And she’s been a passionate advocate of TripleO in the community at large.

You may have seen her at some of these events and you’ve probably seen her on IRC as leanderthal. Please give her all the support that you’ve given Rich as she moves into this role.

If you have any questions about how this is going to work, what Rain’s priorities will be in the coming months, or concerns about getting stuff done in the next few months, please don’t hesitate to contact either one of us via email, on IRC, or via Twitter.

I’ll pretty much be doing exactly what he’s been doing, with a strong focus on TripleO.

Which, actually, is exactly what I’ve BEEN doing, but in a different department.

Super exciting stuff!

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