Dear Toastmasters Groningen

11229278_609158892557605_1700354200137386457_nLast night was the very first meeting of the Toastmasters Groningen new 2016 – 2017 season and I could not be more excited. And amazed. And inspired. And terrified.

At one point there was some confusion over who was the general evaluator and I tried to micromanage when I should’ve just let things happen and trusted in the system. Because Toastmasters is where you can make a mess and learn from mistakes. As it happened, every speaker had an evaluator and the general evaluator KICKED SO MUCH ASS.

And I learned a valuable lesson.



Toastmasters Groningen can handle it.


“People more willingly follow a leader who knows where he is going.” ~Ralph Smedley, Founder of Toastmasters

Now that I’m relaxed and breathing, I’m going to share my vision for Toastmasters Groningen 2016-2017 without much explanation today because I’ll flesh these out over the next few weeks with the help of MY AWESOME BOARD.

  • President’s Distinguished Club Award
  • Organize / Codify Meeting / Board Roles / Education Paths
  • Define / Implement the Mentor Program
  • One Educational Program / Workshop per Month
  • Organize / Delegate Fall & Spring Speech Contests
  • Toastmasters Groningen TV
  • Facilitate / Inspire Most Excellent Speakers
  • Encourage Committees and Future Leaders
  • Grab the Explorers’ Cup
  • Site / Blog


Looking Forward,
K Rain Leander, President
Toastmasters Groningen

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