Dutch Lock Down Day Thirty Three


I’m cold.

I’m tired.

I’m ready to sleep.

But first the news:

And then a little story.

Once Upon A Time in the Kingdom of Leander . . .


I’m too tired.

Tonight’s #HelloFresh meal was farfalle in cream sauce of sun dried tomato and eggplant. Simply put, a vegetarian pasta dish.

Traditionally that means I’m going to be hungry and have plenty of space for dessert. And a cup of tea. And a late night snack. And another cup of tea.

Since I knew I’d be hungry AND the partner bought me fresh squeezed orange juice this morning AND it’s just not the same the next day I DRANK A LITER OF ORANGE JUICE.

Before dinner.


I’m literally looking down at my distended belly.

Full of #TooMuchOrangeJuice and #FarfalleAwesomeness

And I look like I’m properly pregnant.



My stomach hurts SO BADLY.


I have no regrets.


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