Eye Hope That Is All

Just finished with the (multiple) eye doctors.

The relaxed eye (turns out it is only the right eye, not the left) is only turning out slightly (-1 as opposed to -50) and they suspect that my eyes are freaking out because the glasses prescription is slightly off (it used to be -2.50 – now it’s -2.00).

After 40ish it is normal for the eyes to stop being able to compensate for a slightly wrong prescription.

So the next step is go back and get correct glasses and see if the symptoms go away.

Of course, since this is the Netherlands, I went straight to Kruidvat and bought the new prescription contact lenses and the headache immediately diminished.

Did it go away completely?

No, not really.

But that could be because the pain had gotten so horrible.

But I’m hopeful.

It’s considerably better than it was and we’ll see if I get any headaches at all tomorrow when I wear the right prescription all day long.



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