Eye See What You Did There

Let me set the stage first.

In the Netherlands, when you need to see a specialist or even if you suspect you MIGHT need to see a specialist, you meet with your general practitioner first.


If you don’t, your insurance typically doesn’t cover it.

That appointment is usually something along these lines. Call the secretary. Make an appointment for sometime later that week or next week. See your general practitioner. Explain why you need to see a specialist. The GP enters the recommendation online, answering the questions each specialist requests. Weeks or months later you receive a letter in the mail with your appointment and a package of paperwork to complete before the appointment.

It’s a long process.

So you can understand my concern when he typed in my symptoms, headaches and blurry double vision consistently for a week, and it prompted him to call them immediately.

And you can further understand my concern when they confirmed, they’d reach out to make the appointment within the next few days.

Therefore, I’m waiting for a letter in the mail to let me know when I can go to the specialist.

And apparently it’s serious enough to warrant immediate attention.

Which is so very unDutch.

Yes, I totally wore eyeshadow and cat eyes today.
Yes, I totally called in sick to work because the headache has gotten THAT BAD.
Yes, I totally have new, stronger medicine to help with the pain.

Yes, I’m totally scared.

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