Flying To Texas Via London TODAY

flight4And while, yes, I have spoken at a few international conferences already, this one feels …



Utterly amazing?

I am almost at a loss for words.


OpenStack Summit is the biggest conference I’ve attended thus far. Colleagues have described it as reminiscent of the DotCom days. I have no idea what that actually means.

I am landing the same day I take off (yay, time travel!) and there are TWO pre-conference parties to attend as soon as I step off the tarmac. There are tons of things happening the entire week including a night when a bunch of major sponsors of the conference are renting out an ENTIRE street’s worth of restaurants and pubs to throw a massive party.

But what I am most excited about is all the Women of OpenStack events, talks, and workshops AND ALL THE OTHER THINGS:

  • Women of Openstack Pre Summit Social
  • Speed Mentoring organized by the Women of Openstack
  • Women of OpenStack Working Breakfast Session sponsored by Comcast
  • Three’s Company: Are You Jack, Janet, or Chrissy? How Teams Can Work Together to Create Better OpenStack Solutions
  • Hunting for Purple Squirrels: Hiring OpenStack Contributors in the Wild
  • Want to be an OpenStack Intern?
  • Women of Openstack Friendly Faces Meet-Up
  • NCWIT Workshop – Champions for Change: Engaging Male Advocates for Diversity and Inclusion
  • NCWIT Panel – The Diversity of Innovation
  • Diversity Working Group
  • Git and Gerrit Lunch and Learn
  • Women of OpenStack Afternoon Sync-Up
  • Fostering Full Equality
  • Newcomers Need You, How to Be a Good Mentor
  • From Developer to Manager to Evangelist: Contributions Beyond Python Code
  • Gender-Diversity Analysis of Technical Contributions in The OpenStack Projects
  • What Science Knows About Happiness That Could Transform OpenStack
  • RDO Birds of (a) Feather @ OpenStack Summit


So, of course, this week’s posts will NOT follow the standard [My Monday | Dans Dinsdag / Tech Tuesday | Women’s Wednesday | Thirsty Thursday | Freaky Friday | Caturday | Sundae] format because I’ll be live blogging / posting / SQUEEEing from the Summit.

Oh, yeah, and I’m speaking, too.

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