Gefeliciteerd, K!

photo-1458175049065-aefb15b1b58bI miss a lot of people’s birthdays and anniversaries and special events cause I so totally suck at keeping in touch or remembering these amazing dates that are so precious to you, but just another day because I AM NOT A GOOD FRIEND.


When you call me on it. Or remind me.

I will so totally respond. And follow up. And make sure that Things Happen.


Especially since I haven’t celebrated my fortieth in Groningen yet, I’m counter-calling YOU out, K – we’re meeting for drinks and cake and laughs to celebrate your big TWO SIX!


Also, terribly sorry for missing your birthday.

I’ve got you in my calendar for next year.


Also, I’m so glad that we went to that Start Up Weekend together and that you joined my team and that even when that other team wanted us to join them and work on their idea instead, you stood up for my idea more than I did and we ended up doing our own thing and learning SO MUCH.


I’m so thankful we met.

12243170_719055448224789_7491252413309067901_n (1)

And you kick so much ass.

12208311_1004560896257908_7943186177836824186_n (1)

And I look forward to many more years of friendship and birthdays and adventures.

And pirogies.

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