Getting Started on Podcasts and YouTube

seanIt all starts with writing.

That link is actually a massively beautiful kickass informative commercial. BUT. It’s a BRILLIANT massively beautiful kickass informative commercial. Watch it from the beginning. There’s a lot of amazing information there. And, yes, it’s like the drugs – the first one’s free and then you throw all your money at them.

I’m so there.

I’m also not actually selling anything here (YET?!?) but I am focused on my brand and development and becoming epic and that starts with writing. Daily. And posting. Daily.

And that involves getting up and writing 750 words in the morning, it involves planning posts in bulk on a daily, weekly, and monthly scale, and it involves managing social media via something like hootsuite.

And the next step for me will be podcasts and youtube, but in the short term I realize that I need to focus on writing.


Yesterday I watched LIVE Training Replay: Write to Sell which brushes by an editorial calendar and he doesn’t go into detail, but it gave me an idea.

One of the slides includes TYPES of posts: lists. faq. research. case study. series. inspirational posts. behind the scenes. what ifs. crowdsourced. story. news. challenge. showcase. and checklist.

And another post includes WHAT to write about: teach. share the story as it’s happening. share your experiences. cover news. interview leaders. cover products.

And I have already set up a DAILY GUIDE per week: My Monday | Dans Dinsdag / Tech Tuesday | Women’s Wednesday | Thursday | Freaky Friday | Caturday | Sundae


I have a bit of an editorial calendar scheduled out already by cross referencing all the post types / subjects / guides. For example:

– a list post about MY teaching on Monday
– a FAQ post sharing an active tech / dance story on Tuesday
– a research post sharing my experiences as it relates to Women’s Wednesday

And so on.


I have so totally hit the one thousand words for the day already. And since Sean McCabe recommends it, I should set up the two weeks buffer on

Time to get writing.

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