[ghostwriter] No Loneliness

photo-1439321207454-5bff0eb53648GHOSTWRITER I have been quite ill for the last couple of days / weeks / months, and stopped writing entirely since 16 August. A reader took notice and asked if she could help. I asked her if she’d like to write a post or two. She said yes.

I’m a ghost, I’m a guest.

It has been awfully quite here, but today that stops. Because the worst part of being sick is the loneliness. Which gets worse when you are sick for a longer period.
To understand that you need to understand that there are easy diseases–to which everybody can relate and might even had a couple of times, you recover from them soon and life will be back to normal; a sprained ankle, a broken arm, the flu, a severe headache or a kidney stone–and hard diseases–to which only a few can relate, they are more severe and take longer to recover from, they usually are chronic, recurring or deadly; asthma, diabetes, rheumatism or cancer.

People want everything normal, so once a disease is no longer acute, recently diagnosed or visible, they will decide the sick is well enough and life continues.

However, the disease isn’t cured
and although it is nice not to be treated as a patient,
the lack of support is devastating.

The monster of loneliness attacks.



The worst monsters come with the diseases nobody understands: mental illnesses.

Because they come in so many different forms.
Because nobody experiences them the same.
Because there is no therapy.

The monster however can be attacked, although each monster needs other swords carried by other warriors.

The first attack is, usually, in words: ‘I feel you/ I hear you/ I have not forgotten you/ I miss you (the you of today, not the you of before)’ followed by: ‘How can I help/ What do you need?’.

This is the acknowledgement of the monster.

The second attack comes with many (virtual) HUGs and may involve talking.

This is filling the emptiness.

Often this is enough. OR. It is not.

This monster needs to be attacked by more warriors and bigger actions.


Today’s blog is just such a bigger action. Letting the world know the monster exists. Gathering the troops.

Let’s fight together!

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