Goodbye Thirties. Hello Forties.

2011-08-20-135543_3I’m not nearly as keen on turning forty as I was for thirty.

Thirty I was super stoked about – probably because the twenties were a fucking mess. From a personal standpoint.

I was unstable and truly impressed that I survived to age thirty.

Forty is impressive along the same lines, but for very different reasons. What have I done over the past ten years? Survived a trauma. Fought back. Healed. Moved to Europe. Landed my dream job. Created an AI.

Recently, I wrapped up an annual review with the boss in which the last few career goals were defined. And of course, I’m gonna share them with you RIGHT NOW.


  • TripleO core contributor / project team lead / badass m*f*
  • Red Hat team lead / manager / supervisor / vice president / president
  • Developer evangelist / community manager / speaker / influencer / guru / ninja
  • Invent something awesome / market it or some shit / become a billionaire

Maybe that last one wasn’t part of my review, but those last few are about LIFE.

bike ninja

And what I ultimately want to do in LIFE is to be remembered.


At a certain point you stay up a little bit past your bedtime because the next day is your birthday and then you start to get a bit delirious because of being up a little bit late and then you can’t write your post for your birthday cause you’re so sleepy that you’ve started to see little wisps in the corners of your vision which really isn’t a good sign because you haven’t even been drinking anything at all because you’re trying to have your second child and it’s something else that’s on your mind, but you don’t want to talk about that either, like the trauma, it’s Off Limits ™ and not something that you’re ready to share with the internet yet, but you’re also super sleepy so you let the fingers fly and free write and that’s what comes out so you go ahead and copy / paste / schedule it to post on your blog for the next day and then it’s posted and you’ve shared another little piece of your private life.


So here’s to the FORTIES.


To learning and loving. To jumping and diving. To living and crying.


And to BEING forever. And a day.


Oh, yes, and to cake.


Here’s to meeting many more people and eating lots of cake.


With lots of icing. Lots and lots of one part cream cheese, two parts butter, jar of quality cocoa powder, and powdered sugar until it’s ridiculously thick ICING YOU CAN EAT WITH A SPOON.


And to infinitely more escape rooms.


And to you.

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