Hello. My Name Is Rain. And I Am GenderFluid.

pride-heartYesterday was National Coming Out Day and while it’s not something I’m secretive about, because I am an apparent female married to a cis male, many people assume I am a straight woman.

I had conversations with my mother and aunt about sexuality when I was nine ish that they believed people are sexual and that sexuality isn’t binary, but more like on a sliding scale and that people are more heterosexual or more homosexual, but not completely one or the other.

That resonated with me so much that I immediately adopted the label bi-sexual.


Years later at a LARP and I was asked to portray an asexual creature who was so old that it transcended male and female. The person who asked me to play this creature said I was perfect, “Y’know, because you’re asexual in real life.”

This sort of resonated because I found it difficult to fully embrace being female or male. But not so much in the traditional definition of asexual, the lack of attraction to anyone.

A few years ago I read about genderfluid individuals and the world finally started exploding with people who feel brave and beautiful and all kinds of sexualities are accepted.

This, too, resonated.

What pronouns do I prefer? She / her.

They / them.



My name is Rain. I am genderfluid.

Attracted to persons of the opposite sex or gender as well as those of the same sex or gender.

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