“How Are You Guys?”

A friend reached out and whatsapp’d me this morning, “How are you guys?” and I replied:

“Riding the roller coaster that is traveling and working and living “abroad”.

I’d rather be home for Sasha’s sake, but there are aspects that are more productive for me here; like I’ve coded more in the past two weeks than I have in the past year. And when I have an idea, I can reach out more easily, even if it’s with a distributed colleague, because I’m sitting in their time zone.

But I also want to be back home cause I want to re-arrange the house a bit; move the master bedroom to the middle floor and the guest room / office to the top floor.”

I recognize that I’m more productive here and there are so many ideas that need to be written down, organized, published, implemented, messed up, eaten, spit out, eaten again, digested.

I might’ve skipped breakfast.

But also there is SO MUCH to do that it gets overwhelming and it’s very hard to procrastinate when there’s TOO MUCH.

And I’m frozen.

Therefore today will include a TODO list, written offline, but I’m happy to share for those truly curious, feel free to comment here or email me directly. A TODO where things will be broken down and checked off, digested and spit out, eaten and consumed.

And at the very top will be, “EAT BREAKFAST”.

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4 Replies to ““How Are You Guys?””

  1. If you guys need a live-in breakfast maker and assistant rabble-rouser my fees are very reasonable.

      1. I’ll be looking for a job once I’m all graduated and shit. Should I send a resume and CV?

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