How Many Escape Rooms Was That?

how many rooms have i escaped out of?

erm… a lot.

how many have i *done*?

more than a lot.

the escape hunt, here in groningen, has three different rooms and we pretty much did all three plus the one of goldberg escape. then goldberg added another one, which is five.

and the escape hunt flipped two of their rooms and we did the new one. and then the other new one. and then i brought toastmasters groningen board members to do the other new one again – cause team building and i’m president.

so that’s eight.

i’ve also done the first room of goldberg again, so that’s nine.

a friend wanted to do an escape room in zwolle except it wasn’t available, so we went to Escape In South Friesland in a local dorpje and did their two rooms. in a row.


and then that same friend did one for her birthday at AKA Escape Rooms.


and i gave her another one at The Great Escape for her birthday.


NOW abroad.

austin was the first escape room abroad. at The Escape Game Austin. in april. with a colleague.


and then i went to sweden where i did one at Roomescape by Fox in a Box with my godmother.


and then i did one with the same company in their other location with a conference recruit from pycon sweden. why does it feel like i did more than that in sweden? cause there were way more available. but i ONLY did two.


and then code daze where we did… one with two conference recruits at queen city escape – seventeen.

and one harry potter theme at Trapped with two different recruits.


and then houston at ghc which was insanity. number nineteen that first night at another escape hunt. and then everyone was exhausted so we went home.

then the next night we did that INSANE one. at Houston Escape Room.


and then the next night TWO more at escape the room texas with a bunch of people that i had met both at the conference and worked with previously and met at workshops and strangers and it was totally epic. twenty-two.

then i went to utah. and did a super easy predictable one – twenty-three.

and then SIX at Mystery Escape Room.


PLUS my aunt reminded me that we did one in Pomona California, Trapped!


PLUS I was talking about this later, explaining how I called to ask if puzzles were linguistically based or mechanical or such when I was doing this in other countries, like Spain, and then I realized that I forgot TWO ROOMS in Barcelona Spain, Lock-Clock.

Therefore, THIRTY! TWO!

PLUS my zusje reminded me of the three we did together in Annapolis Maryland for my birthday. Hello Hi.


I’m not addicted.

I can quit at any time.

No, really.

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  1. My aunt just reminded me that we did one in Pomona California as well, so that’s THIRTY total, but I don’t remember the name of it, so until I do, you’ll just have to read this comment and be AMAZED.

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