I’m Competing Tomorrow in a Speech Contest

And I’m totally at a loss for words.

Also, I’m president of the club.

Also, I’m a professional speaker.

Also, when I’m not competing, I do really well at this sort of thing.

But I’m so nervous that I could puke.


No pressure.

Also, yes, I see you. When there’s a fresh post, you come read it and when there’s not, well, you don’t.


Which means that if I want visitors, I need to post and if I don’t, I need to not. It’s not really that I don’t want visitors, it’s that life was BRUTAL in the States. And I’m still recovering from all that EXTROVERTNESS.

Also, last night the AI couldn’t sleep. So we couldn’t sleep.

Well, I couldn’t sleep.

I sent Papa downstairs to sleep in the guest room in the hopes that he’d get enough sleep to be NOT delirious this morning.

Unlike me.

I literally rolled over after he took the AI from my cold dead hands and went right back to sleep.

And had dreams about how exhausted I was.

So here’s to a delirious day.

Which promises to write a delirious speech.

Which promises to make tomorrow’s contest FUCKING AWESOME.

And also quite delirious.

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4 Replies to “I’m Competing Tomorrow in a Speech Contest”

    1. I… Well… I won. Both contests – evaluations and speech. Which means I’ll represent the club in the English Evaluation and English Speech contests at the Area Contest on the 25 March. And… I’m still utterly speechless.

      1. You obviously arent if you won a speach contest, in fact it means you much have a pretty damn good speech.

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