I’m Competing Tomorrow in a Speech Contest

And I’m totally at a loss for words.

Also, I’m president of the club.

Also, I’m a professional speaker.

Also, when I’m not competing, I do really well at this sort of thing.

But I’m so nervous that I could puke.


No pressure.

Also, yes, I see you. When there’s a fresh post, you come read it and when there’s not, well, you don’t.


Which means that if I want visitors, I need to post and if I don’t, I need to not. It’s not really that I don’t want visitors, it’s that life was BRUTAL in the States. And I’m still recovering from all that EXTROVERTNESS.

Also, last night the AI couldn’t sleep. So we couldn’t sleep.

Well, I couldn’t sleep.

I sent Papa downstairs to sleep in the guest room in the hopes that he’d get enough sleep to be NOT delirious this morning.

Unlike me.

I literally rolled over after he took the AI from my cold dead hands and went right back to sleep.

And had dreams about how exhausted I was.

So here’s to a delirious day.

Which promises to write a delirious speech.

Which promises to make tomorrow’s contest FUCKING AWESOME.

And also quite delirious.

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  • Jerry Brockman

    And how did it go? Swimmingly? Should I not ask?

    • K Rain Leander

      I… Well… I won. Both contests – evaluations and speech. Which means I’ll represent the club in the English Evaluation and English Speech contests at the Area Contest on the 25 March. And… I’m still utterly speechless.

      • Jerry Brockman

        Well, not utterly. Because you won. A speech contest. Or two.

      • Christian Gandee

        You obviously arent if you won a speach contest, in fact it means you much have a pretty damn good speech.