In All The Devilish Details

radio2I can’t believe how utterly and completely surprised I was by one of my birthday presents. I blame it on the lack of sleep and soul sucking depression that’s been hanging out lately. Nightmares are bad for observance, yo.

It’s really hard to surprise me.


I knew as soon as I heard a vehicle pulling into the driveway that Pontus had rented a car to take us to birthday dinner. And that it was most likely the same company that drove us from our wedding to our b&b cottage fifteen years ago.

And I was right.

When Pontus asked if I preferred dinner after Sasha went to bed or before I knew he was planning on making reservations at Out of the Fire.

And I was right.



It was beyond my wildest dreams to imagine that Pontus and Jacque and Ulrika and Arthur had all collaborated to make sure that I would get the best birthday surprise of all – JACQUE VISITING FOR THE WHOLE WEEKEND.

When I think about it, there were so many clues.

Ulrika asked how Jacque was doing and said it was too bad she couldn’t make it up while we were in town. I asked why he opted to fly in / out of Reagan Airport instead of BWI and he obscurely replied, “it was the right opportunity”. I asked Jacque if she could meet me when I was in the country in Texas or Maryland or California and she said she couldn’t cause she had already used up her vacation for the year.

But I was totally blind to the clues and even when Jacque sat down next to me at the airport, I couldn’t believe my eyes.


Yes, there’s a video.




Therefore, for the birthday weekend, Jacque came into town. And we’re so totally gonna.

  • Stay up late talking – SO MUCH TO CATCH UP ON.
  • Visit friends and family and eat amazing food and drink ALL THE WINE.
  • Eat cake. Lots and lots of cake.
  • Go to Ariel Stretch class together cause torture is good for the soul.
  • Do an escape room cause DUH. Hopefully we get out. Hopefully we don’t kill each other in the process. Hopefully our friendship survives.
  • Do something spa like. Probably a massage. Cause MASSAGE.
  • Cracker Barrel. Cause tradition. And pancakes. Real American Pancakes. With all the butter.

And yes, of course, I’ll tell you all about it.


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