In The Midst Of A Job Change And

No, I’m not leaving Red Hat.


I am changing departments and slightly changing responsibilities and while I’m not quite ready for THAT post, I’m totally ready to ramble on about this that and the other. Specifically, I’m LEAVIN’ ON A JET PLANE.

To scoot over to Boston for a team all hands meeting.

For two days.

I’ve never flown so much in such a short time and THEN, of course, the speech competition is this Saturday.

In the meantime, I’m writing and re-writing and re-writing the speech which is totally one hundred percent not like me at all.

And this made me realize a few things.

ONE – speech preparation is such a nebulous intimidating process that has this reputation that it must be just this one way: pick a topic, write an outline, write the speech, edit it, write it again, give it to someone else for feedback, edit it and write it again, practice it aloud, throw it all away and write it again, sacrifice a small virgin goat to an angry speech goddess, hop on one leg, pat your head and rub your stomach and bob’s your uncle.

TWO – maybe you’re like me and find that overwhelming and want a Another Way ™.

So this is how I prep for speeches.

Wait, no, LIES.

I’m boarding my flight now.

But I promise to share how I prep for speeches REAL SOON right after I continue prepping for a speech contest in a TOTALLY INORGANIC WAY.



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  1. The Bruins are playing Ottawa on Tuesday at TD Gardens. I know you’re a huge fan of the ice hockey, so you should totally go. And make me jealous by telling me about it.

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