Jingle All The Way

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Eighty One]

I’m up SO FAR past my bedtime, so I’m keepin’ this one quick.


But first the news:

I don’t know if I’m streaming tomorrow.


Most likely.

What a day.

Yes, we survived.

At one point I was folding laundry and it occurred to me that I was super chill. Not freaking out at all. Not overwhelmed. Totally calm. At peace.


And I just took a moment to breathe and enjoy the feeling.

Then returned to folding clothes.

I finished all my dishes for dinner in plenty of time and only burnt one slightly. And the kids were adorable about Christmas and presents and SHARING, GIRL TWIN, YOU HEARD ME – THAT GIFT IS FOR ALL THREE OF YOU – SHARE!


There were only a few utter meltdowns and they weren’t me!

I call it a win.

Hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season, too.

Full of peace and sharing and plenty of vodka.

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