Just Wait Til Your Fifties!

mirrorThe birthday was one of reflection and planning.

Looking back is easy cause hind sight’s twenty-twenty, right? Except when you think about one thing it reminds you of something else and another thing and another. Like watching a youtube video. Suddenly hours have passed and you’re blinking from the bright light of sudden dawn.

Oh, hello, rabbit hole.

*blink blink*

Only one year of the second masters completed. Dropping out of school and moving to NYC

Modeling in NYC.

Being a magician’s assistant

Inventing zombie movement by combining the psychology of dance and extensive research via horror movies and haunted houses.

Retiring from dance and diving into tech full time

Joining Red Hat, then turning away from a leadership position in support to move to the Netherlands.

Having a baby.

Joining Toastmasters Groningen board as Vice President of Education and deciding to become President for the next board.

Opting to stay at work full time to become a developer advocate in engineering rather than leaving the task force entirely to become a full time mama.

Talking openly about being triggered and what it’s like to have post traumatic stress disorder.

Intense, amazing, mind blowing years.

And over the next ten years?


Have another baby.

Talk about the trauma itself.

Master python. Learn Swedish.

Develop a daily maintainable consistent exercise and healthy eating regimen.

Earn the President’s Distinguished Club. Earn the Distinguished Toastmaster Award. Speak at a TED event.

Start my own company. Publish a book.

Travel back to Japan. Travel around the world.

Figure out how to stay in touch with friends near and far.


Save enough money to survive six months of bills without a job. Pay off the student loans.

Cure cancer. Become a billionaire. Invent a graphene based teleportation device. Eradicate war.

Travel in space.

Y’know, the little things.


What will you do next?

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