Keep The Engagement HIGH

f7f46d3b-c0a2-4319-9269-871078ef3144The other day at Toastmasters Groningen, a few members of our club went over to Stenden Toastmasters in Leeuwarden and ‘captured’ the Explorer’s Cup.

This MASSIVE TROPHY is a Dutch only initiative to encourage members of clubs to visit other clubs and participate in the meetings. In order to ‘capture’ it, you have to take at least two members of your club to the club that currently has the cup and one member must be a speaker and one member must be an evaluator and the third can optionally have a role, but it isn’t necessary for the cup.

I fell asleep writing that paragraph.

I have absolutely no explanation why I’m over the moon that our club captured this thing, except that I thought it was a cool enough item that I put it in my presidential vision.


We’ve progressed in several of those tasks so far this year, including Distinguished Club Award and, now, the Explorer’s Cup!

Also, I stepped in as a speech evaluator and ended up winning a best evaluator ribbon.


What an unexpected bonus!

It made me miss ribbons as this was something that Open Voice (the first club I was with) did, but Toastmasters Groningen doesn’t do.

Hrmm… maybe it’s time to introduce mini contests.

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